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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tarkan Music Video Update

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

After Tarkan Deluxe reported that fans wanted to be updated about Tarkan's latest music video projects, official sources got in touch with the blog to give our news desk some information to share with our readers.

Firstly thanking Tarkan Deluxe for its honest and sensitive reporting about the recent speculations in Tarkan's private life - in helping to clear up confusions created with conflicting stories with its posts - the mail went on to give some details of Tarkan's latest music project. They did however request that we not disclose the name of the track being filmed from his award-winning album Metamorfoz.

According to official sources, filming for Tarkan's third music video was carried out in early May, under the direction of fan favourite, singer and artist Metin Arolat, in the northwestern part of Turkey on the European continent - where shooting lasted all day.

A Video from Vize

Tarkan at City Hotel © Çerkezköy Haber
Tarkan at City Hotel
Visiting Çerkezköy in the Turkish Marmara Region on 2 May with a large film crew, and staying at the City Hotel, it's reported that the artist moved on to the neighbouring district of Vize to film the video in the village of Düzova early the following morning.

Connecting roads and a field were cordoned off during the filming, with tightened security all throughout the day. The main media channels were kept out of loop to prevent a mass migration of journalists into the region.

With the information provided by official sources, Tarkan Deluxe did some research to collaborate the major details, and found that local news sources from the Marmara Region had reported Tarkan being in the area for the shooting of a music video - with local residents commenting about the visit.

One local newspaper's site had a reader claim that they saw Arolat filming Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu's much-loved pet dog for the video, too.

However, even though confirmation has come that Turkey's top pop artist has filmed a third music video, it is not certain if it will be distributed - though the artist had mentioned a video would be released at the start of the summer.

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