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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tarkan Festivities and Reports

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Festivities and Reports Banner; Russian tabloid features Tarkan, D&R sales lists, Bolu festival promotions

As Tarkan's third music video "Arada Bir" hits the number two slot in the charts and generates further sales for Metamorfoz - bringing it back into the sales charts of some online sites like D&R six months after its release - new festival reports at the start of July indicate that this month, like June, will be a busy one for the Turkish pop artist.

Tarkan Preparing for Bolu Festival

Tarkan on Bolu Festival PosterNews reports have begun to circulate with details about Tarkan's planned appearance at another Turkish festival this year - Bolu's 2nd White Meat Festival.

To be held between the dates 25-27 July, Tarkan is scheduled to take to the stage on Saturday, 26 July, at the festival's main arena to give a show open to the public.

The pop artist had sang a sparkling set at the premier slot for the tourist and culture fest in Manavgat, Antalya, last month, and organisers in Bolu are now anticipating a record turn-out for their event this month.

Surrounded by forests, Bolu is an ancient place on the old historic highway from Istanbul to Ankara, and has a past spanning thousands of years. It was part of one of the Hittite kingdoms, and the birthplace of Roman Emperor Hadrian's Greek gay lover Antinous.

Bolu had already been confirmed as a concert venue, but this is the first confirmation that it is a specific festival.

Russian Tabloid Features Tarkan
Additional reporting by Tanya Ertürk, from Moscow, Russia

Meanwhile, Turkish news sources are also distributing reports that Tarkan was interviewed by Komsomolskaya Pravda, the most widely read tabloid paper in Russia, after the pop star's trip to the country last month, to perform in venues at St Petersburg and Moscow.

Created in 1925, the tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda is a top-selling newspaper in Russia, with daily circulation ranging from 700,000 to 3.1 million.

Report in Brief: "A Tarkan Exclusive"

The article, "Tarkan Wishes to Learn Russian" (30 June 2008), was picked up by the Turkish press and mentions the artist's popularity in Russia with Russian men and women of all ages, and his natural youthful good looks that make the Turkish artist "look ten years younger".

In the "exclusive interview" - as the paper describes it - taking place during a cold and rainy night before the St Petersburg concert, Tarkan spoke about his future projects, his reasons for leaving Turkey in the mid-1990s, and his popularity in Russia.

On fame, Tarkan is quoted as having said that he was "born for this purpose" and always tried to make himself available to his fans and loved them so much he found it difficult to refuse them, while his first trip to America in 1995 was because of domestic press scrutiny, and that he went "to go back to basics and learn English".

"I went to school like a usual student. In Turkey I was the big star, and [in America] - the student sitting next to other Turkish students," he is reported to have said.

Designer Tarkan?

In regard to future projects, the artist revealed plans to start his own range of clothes, while the article also mentions Tarkan's cosmetic products distributed at the start of 2004 in Turkey, with the artist stating his favourite was the perfume for men, which was like "a sensual scent of rain".

Tarkan also touched upon his American music venture, explaining he was working on an English-language album set for release in America now that he has found a producer, and that Americans found his style "passionate".

Alongside questions about future projects, the paper also "risked asking questions" as to the artist's sexual orientation and his views on marriage, indicating that possibly his outspoken views on marriage as an old-dated institution helped fuel the "dirty rumours" about his sex life in the Turkish press.

Explaining that he was not yet ready for marriage, Tarkan preferred to focus on his appreciation of the love of his Russian fans instead, which he tried to express by learning how to say "I love you" in Russian during his concert. The artist promised he would learn Russian before his next trip to the country.

The popular Russian paper printed two more articles about the Turkish singer last month. One article (with a video) wrote about a Russian girl (who had been a fan of the star for twelve years) after the Moscow concert who tracked down her Turkish idol, while the other describes Tarkan's misery after Turkey suffered defeat at the hands of Germany in an international football tournament, reporting that the pop star gave his support to Russia after watching his home nation get knocked out of the competition.

Tarkan's Euro 2008 Misery in St Petersburg

A 27 June dated article in the Russian paper details Tarkan's misery after Turkey's semi-final defeat at the hands of Germany in the Euro 2008 football tournament on 25 June, which Tarkan watched while in St Petersburg to mark a 2008 festival for Turkish Year in Russia.

Revealing that Tarkan was greeted by a horde of fans who had been waiting hours for his arrival in St Petersurg, the article goes on to state the "charming Turk" did not disappoint fans as he took time out to speak with them and sign autographs.

However, when Tarkan, "the passionate football fan who will be 36 in October but looks 20", watched the match with his entourage after the concert, the article describes the Turkish pop star's heartbreak, too, as his beloved home nation's team lost the chance to reach the final in the last few minutes of the match.

"He suffered the defeat in silence. [His musician group] celebrated two [of their] birthdays with some cake, to change the mood," the article reveals.

"He didn't eat [any cake], but went straight to bed."

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