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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tarkan in Kayseri

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

The winners that got the chance to meet Tarkan in Kayseri
The winners that got the chance to meet Tarkan in Kayseri
Turkish pop star Tarkan was in Kayseri yesterday evening for the fifth stop of his Turkish Metamorfoz Tour.

News portal and Turkish paper Vatan's magazine service reports that Tarkan once again entertained thousands of fans that came to see Tarkan perform his hit songs live on 13 August.

Playing at the Sümer Stadium in Kayseri, Tarkan's fifteen thousand fans in the audience made the news, too. Tarkan invited a girl from the audience on stage who had written, "Can I just kiss you once?" on a billboard to wave at the star, while a 72 year-old male fan reportedly danced the night away to Tarkan's latest hits.

It seems that with no exceptions - young or old, male or female - the majority of Kayseri had come out to see the Turkish pop artist for a spectacular evening of music.

TarkanKayseri fans
Kayseri fansKayseri fans
Tarkan and Kayseri fans at the show; Pictures courtesy of Gazeteport and Vatan

The pop star arrived in the region with a crew of 12 lorries, and activities were provided by Doritos for the audience before the start of the show, while five lucky winners of a competition run by Doritos' official site got the chance to meet with the Turkish pop star at the show.

Kayseri is marked by Mount Erciyes and is renowned for its culinary specialties as well as its historical monuments, especially those that date from the Seljuk period.

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