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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tarkan: The Voice of Many

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Writing for Turkish paper Milliyet, celebrity columnist Ali Eyüboğlu - a respected columnist who has criticised and defended Tarkan in the past - has recently featured Tarkan in two articles.

On the trail of the Turkish pop artist's Turkish Metamorfoz Tour, one article follows Eyüboğlu's thoughts after Tarkan's Diyarbakır outing, while another criticises Turkish music channel Kral TV and its method of airing music videos for a blanket fee, irrespective of the artist's commercial revenue pulling power.

Paying the Price

Tarkan's Arada Bir video

In regard to Kral TV's tradition of taking a fee off every artist to air their video, ("Should a Megastar Air His Videos With Money?", 7 August 2008), Eyüboğlu is of the opinion that it is an affront for Tarkan to have to pay the same fee as a second-rate artist to get his video on Kral TV.

Although neither Tarkan or his team personally pay the fee to the music station, the article explains that the head of music label DMC - under whose collaborative ticket Metamorfoz was released - revealed they had to pay Kral TV to air Tarkan's music videos.

Having already been certified platinum by the Turkish Phonographic Industry in 2008 for just two weeks of sales in 2007, Eyüboğlu's article writes that Tarkan's 2008 sales for Metamorfoz have amassed a further 256,000 sales - and so the necessary fee asked by the music station is a "drop in the ocean" for Tarkan, which he can easily afford out of the revenue generated by the album alone.

However, Eyüboğlu argues the problem lies in the principle of the situation and is of the opinion that - if Tarkan is a true megastar - he shouldn't have to pay, as Kral TV will make money off revenue generated by Tarkan's appearance on their channel.

One Voice for Many

In a second article (dated 10 August), Eyüboğlu writes about Tarkan's recent concert in Diyarbakır sponsored by Doritos, after being invited to attend the event.

Tarkan in DiyarbakirThe journalist writes that twenty thousand people were at the Diyarbakır concert, and even though one fan reportedly commented to him that, unlike in the Doritos Bursa show, there would be no bottle throwing in Diyarbakır, Eyüboğlu ironically notes that bottles were thrown at the Diyarbakır event, too, suggesting that people are the same no matter where you happen to be. He also offers the suggestion that Tarkan should release an album promoting the various different regional dialects and languages spoken by the minorities living in Turkey.

Tarkan visits children at schoolIn addition, Eyüboğlu gives space in his article to the Diyarbakır winners of a Doritos competition set up to give five lucky fans the chance to see their star up close, and to Tarkan's visit the following day after the concert to a school for local children sponsored by Doritos parent company Frito-Lay.

"Tarkan's meeting with those children was amazing," Eyüboğlu writes. "You should have seen the light that shone from eyes of those street children sharing the same classroom with such a star. It wasn't long before it took Tarkan over, too, and he chatted, sang and played table tennis with them for a long time."

Tarkan? Who's he?

And finally according to Turkish paper Hürriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek, Tarkan's ex-girlfriend's sister DJ Berna Öztürk - who was once affectionately known as Tarkan's sister-in-law by the celeb paparazzi - has lashed out at Tarkan, in response to a question asked about the Turkish pop star during a promotion for her own album.

"Tarkan, who's he? I just want him to stay away from us from now on," she was reported as saying, while Bilge Öztürk - recently split from Tarkan - who was standing by her kept silent.

Some believe that it is more than just a protective sister talking but sour grapes, as DJ Öztürk had commented she was remixing a song for Tarkan's remix album, but her track never made the final cut.

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