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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tarkan Celebrates His 36th Year

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Turkish news portal Gazeteport reported today about Tarkan's celebrations for his 36th birthday this month, with a Dutch singer flying to Turkey to attend the private function in Istanbul.

The portal's October 20 article for its magazine section describes the pop star's birthday party held in Istanbul recently at exclusive nightclub Reina as a private affair, with around seventy selected guests attending.

Reportedly it was an eclectic mix with close friends and family members invited alongside ten models hired from a local modelling agency for the evening. According to the report, Tarkan closed off Reina's VIP section to the press for a private bash that lasted through to the early hours of the morning.

Tarkan and Cyrille Van Hoof

Tarkan and Dutch singer Cyrille Van Hoof (© Gazeteport)

Tarkan and Cyrille Van HoofDutch singer Cyrille Van Hoof flew to Turkey for the special occasion to sing for Tarkan, who also took to the stage after a little persuasion to sing on his birthday, too.

The Turkish pop artist blew out candles on a cake in the shape of a concert stage, while his ex-girlfriend Bilge Öztürk is said to have sent him a tree to plant in his garden as a birthday gift.

Celebrating his first birthday in over seven years without the female lawyer, the photos released to the press show the artist in fine form.

Tarkan's Bithday Birthday 2008

Tarkan's Birthday Party 2008Tarkan's Bithday Birthday 2008
Tarkan's Bithday Birthday 2008Tarkan's Bithday Birthday 2008

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