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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tarkan's Gift to Nature

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Doga Magazine and Tarkan CDTurkish nature conservation society the Doğa Derneği has sent Tarkan Deluxe the first issue of the society's 84 page magazine Doğa along with Tarkan's promotional single "Uyan".

As a thank you for the blog's support during its campaign to raise awareness about the environment, the society recently sent the blog a complimentary edition of Tarkan's CD and their environmentally-friendly October issue.

Holding six tracks, the promotional CD has an intro and outro with a Turkish wooden flute known as a ney, and four versions of "Uyan" - including one piece where the artist reads the lyrics and an instrumental version.

The highly anticipated CD single is packaged in a slim recycled cardboard sleeve, with an inner booklet/form for readers to join the society. The front image of the artist is from an unused photograph taken from Hasan Hüseyin's 2003 photo shoot for Tarkan's Dudu EP.

An initial draft of the lyrics to "Uyan" and the photograph were featured in the pop star's appearance for another nature magazine - the special annual edition of Atlas. There Tarkan had talked about the importance of taking care of nature being as important as taking care of ourselves, whilst revealing the song lyrics he was working on about humankind's impact on the planet at the same time.

Doga Magazine and Tarkan CDInside the October edition of the Doğa magazine - which sources say have been flying off the shelves in Turkey - there is also an interview with Tarkan that includes new photographs and featuring artist Orhan Gencebay.

The two artists speak frankly about the state of the environment, not failing to emphasise that the fight to win back the planet has only just begun.

Tarkan has filmed a music video for "Uyan", too, which can been viewed at Tarkan's official site and the Doğa Derneği's official site - where the nature conservation society is also inviting people to sign up for their campaign to save Turkey's diminishing natural beauty.

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