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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tarkan Turkish Media Updates

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In a round-up of news articles relating to Tarkan in the last days, Turkish newspaper Sabah correspondent İpek Durkal, in an article dated 19 June 2009, has commented on new Tarkan signed act, singer Emir's resemblance to his boss in more ways than one - with his warm manner and strategic planning.

Notwithstanding getting tired of the constant comparisons, Durkal writes that Emir believes "being compared to someone as handsome and successful as Tarkan is something to be proud of" and that he is someone who always believes in being polite to people to get what he wants.

Aiming to studying a masters in psychology, too, the article quotes Emir as saying that he has always managed to get a position in the places he wants to be.

Meeting Tarkan through his music arranger Ozan Çolakoğlu, "I see the place I want to be in my mind, and then I always find a way to get there. It's always been like that," Emir is reported as saying.

Republic Festivities in Izmir, 21 June 2009
Did Izmir's Republic
festivities affect Tarkan's
low show turn out?
Meanwhile, in response to yesterday's article at Tarkan Deluxe about Tarkan's appearance at a car festival in Izmir, Tarkan fans have been emailing the blog to report their disappointment of even the reputable Turkish news agencies - such as CNN's Turkish arm CNNTurk - for reporting the event as a "low turn out shock for Tarkan" (Milliyet), by failing to mention that there had been a larger festival taking place alongside Star TV's Otokolik Festival on Sunday.

Not attending the car fest, die-hard Tarkan fan Suzan Er wrote to explain, "that same day [in Izmir] we had a meeting of the Republic, where all like-minded modern Turks came together to celebrate our country and its founder Atatürk.

"It was more important than a car festival, whether it had Tarkan or not. They should have moved it to another day ... [Safeguarding] what my country stands for is more serious than a car festival."

Tarkan concert for My Towerland residents

And finally elsewhere, Tarkan is planning to give a concert tomorrow on the land site of friend and developer Ali Ağaoğlu's My Towerland project, in a summer festivity planned to promote the scheduled construction of Ağaoğlu's latest residential project in Istanbul.

Set to entertain specially invited guests and client home-owners on 24 June, there have also been news reports speculating on other Tarkan summer appearances, including the 20th Çeşme International Water Sports Festivities and Music Festival (29 June - 4 July) and the 16th International Love, Peace and Friendship Festival in Karadeniz Ereğli, Turkey (3-5 July) - though these have yet to be confirmed.

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