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Monday, November 09, 2009

More Tarkan Word Play in the Press

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Trawling through yet more daily news outlets to bring Tarkan fans outside of Turkey a snapshot of the coverage on the Turkish recording artist in domestic and international reports, Tarkan Deluxe presents a summary of recent stories that have mentioned the popular singer.

Who's Right in the Dam Debate?

Journalist Tahir Öngür, writing for socialist paper Sol, has in an article on the controversial dam debate raging between nature conservationists and politicians in Turkey took the Turkish prime minister up on his offer - in his recent criticism of stars like Tarkan campaigning for the dam not to be built amid environmental concerns - to take a closer look at the solution offered by the government to solve the country's growing energy problems.

Öngür claims that he has fallen on the side of Tarkan's nature campaign, because he feels that the government's push for rejuvenation in the impoverished southeastern region of Turkey is entirely based on economic grounds rather than moral ones.

Tarkan's Name in International Media

And it is not only reports from the Turkish press that use Tarkan's name to raise a story's profile, international reports use Tarkan as a prime example in Turkish flavoured articles - take for instance British radio BBC 3's "World on Your Street" series, which in introducing Turkish weddings has declared the winning Turkish wedding song to be Tarkan's "Gül Döktüm Yollarına" (A-acayipsin, 1994).

Meanwhile, a daily guide to quality cultural events in America and the UK, Flavorpill's blog Flavorwire has seen fit to mention Tarkan in a post about another Turkish artist, calling Tarkan "Turkey’s biggest global star" and daily Bochum newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten in Germany has run an article on British indie rock band Kasabian, with a nod to Tarkan, too.

On the notes of a live show, the account writes that Kasabian's track "Where Did All the Love Go?" holds riffs reminiscent of Tarkan's melodies.

Dance Tributes From Romanian Star

Newspaper Yeni Asır reported at the start of the month that Romanian dance singer Inna - who had come to Turkey in this summer for a club-med tour - had returned to the country recently to take the stage at Izmir.

The account writes that Inna sang bits of Tarkan's songs again in tribute to the star.

"I Want To Make a Film With Tarkan"

In paper Hürriyet, an interview with actor İlker İnanoğlu reveals that he has a film project in pre-production with Tarkan in mind to play a co-starring role.

Saying that he hasn't took the offer to Tarkan yet, İnanoğlu described the story as one about two friends whose lives take very different paths, with one going over to the wrong side of the tracks, whilst the other becomes a famous celebrity.

Actor İnanoğlu, who entered the profession as a child, explained that while he would play the dangerous friend from the celeb's past, he had Tarkan in mind for the celebrity.

"He's very talented ... In my opinion he needs to make a film now. I believe he has the talent to express the whole array of emotions necessary for the screen," he said of Tarkan.

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