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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tarkan Means Türkiye

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan on his way to Egypt for a short break last week
Tarkan at airport on his way to Egypt
Having flown to Egypt last week for a short break to deep sea dive in the Red Sea, Turkish popstar Tarkan has been mentioned in a survey run by a tourism agency who polled Germans to describe what words first came to mind when they were asked about Turkey.

Reported by papers Sabah and Milliyet, the survey conducted by Öger Tur among German tourists showed that Turkey reminds Germans of "holidays" and "Tarkan".

Recep Yavuz, the director general of Öger Tur, told a correspondent that the company conducted a survey with 651 Germans who had holidayed in Turkey between July 1 and 15 this year.

Yavuz said, "Germans think that Istanbul is the brand city of Turkey. Atatürk (the founder of the Republic of Turkey) is the name which is best known by German people. They also know Tarkan and Orhan Pamuk."

The figures by the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry showed that 10,590,631 foreign tourists visited Turkey between January and June 2009. A total of 1,682,803 Germans visited Turkey in this period.

Artists Talk Tarkan

Inna's last leg of tour; Mersin Show PromoInna in Mersin for last leg of her club-med tour in Turkey

Meanwhile, club music artists from Romania, DJ Edward Maya along with his vocalist Russian-born Vika Gigulina and singer Inna have been paying their own tributes to Turkey's own "Prince of Pop" in their respective reports.

Playing a gig in the northern part of Cyprus, Maya and Gigulina spoke to newspaper KIBRIS, where they both talk about their favourite Turkish artist being Tarkan, while elsewhere - on her 2009 tour of the Turkish club-med - a Romanian entertainment portal writes that Inna sang some of Tarkan's songs in tribute to the star.

Ugur Yildiran in Tarkan's video to Start the Fire and on stage with Hadise for the 2009 Eurovision Song ContestAnd in an article published at Haberturk, an interview with dancer Uğur Yıldıran - who danced all the way to fourth place with Belgian-born Hadise for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest - reveals the artist has worked with Tarkan on another project in addition to being an extra in Tarkan's 2006 "Start the Fire" music video.

Discovered at the age of 19 while dancing on the street and placed to work in a dance studio, Yıldıran explained that, after becoming five-time Turkish dance champion, he worked with Tarkan to choreograph the dance moves for the popstar's Miss Turkey 2006 performance on Turkish TV.

Plus in an interview for Sabah, singer Ferhat Göçer talks about Turkish singers trying to get themselves heard on the international music stage.

"Turkish music to open to the world with its own ethnic quality will be done with Turkey's growing economic and political influence. And we are going to lead the way. Singers like Tarkan, Hadise, Fazıl Say and İlhan Erşahin are already trying to introduce our music to the world," he said.

A Culture Too Disposable For Some?

Finally, Hürriyet correspondent Bekir Coşkun complains about today's disposable culture, while taking the opportunity to take a dig at Tarkan in a recent column.

Expressing his own opinion that nothing is made to last in modern society, Coşkun claims, "Songs get old too quickly. [Classic songs are sung for years], but no one sings Tarkan's "Dudu" song any more. His song has got old, so has he."

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