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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tarkan Love Gossip Gives Off Mixed Signals

By Kaya Turan reporting from Rochester, UK

Tarkan's harem
Take a look at Tarkan's past girlfriends courtesy of Tarkan Deluxe
A look at the gossip stories doing the rounds in the gutter press about Tarkan sees the Turkish papers circulating rumours about the artist's private life, with reports from paper Takvim's variety section unable to agree on the current lady in Tarkan's life.

One article is printing the rumour that Tarkan is interested in Turkish actress Berrak Tüzünataç, but with an ugly twist that claims the artist only wants to "hire" her as his girlfriend.

His relationship of over seven years to businesswoman and lady lawyer Bilge Öztürk had suffered from the same ugly rumours, suggesting that she had been little more than a paid escort to act as a cover for the artist's hidden homosexual lifestyle he has been rumoured to lead.

Yet in the same paper, another printed gossip piece from Takvim is suggesting that the artist is infatuated with girl singer Atiye, so much so that it is claimed he was thinking of including her in his new album.

The twenty year-old singer had opened Tarkan's stadium show on 3 October in the northern Turkish territories of the island of Cyprus.

So, which is it Takvim? Is Tarkan merely hiring girls for seven years in a row to unnecessarily cover a lifestyle that has never been outlawed in Turkey, and which other artists live openly without any damage to their careers, or is he falling in love with a girl almost half his age?

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