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Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Tarkan Press Updates

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Press Updates Banner, Tarkan at Kültür University's Spring Festivities, Female singer Sibel Can

With Turkish singer Tarkan scheduled to appear in a photo exhibition and two live shows in June - while also continuing the campaign to raise awareness about the protection of the environment in his home nation with a national petition - Tarkan Deluxe has once more collated various news updates from the Turkish press relating to Turkey's most famous pop star.

Sibel CanTurkish media portal Gazeteport has three recent articles about Tarkan, including updates on a speculation that Tarkan has once again given friend and female singer Sibel Can (pictured left) a song for her upcoming album.

The report likens the song to Tarkan's signature "Kiss Kiss" song, as it reportedly uses the Turkish expletive "Şşşt" (Hist) sound in the refrain in a similar fashion.

A way of calling someone over, or secretly trying to catch someone's attention, the entertainment report describes "Şşşt" as a song about a woman trying to grab the attention of the man she desires - writing that Can plans to use the track she collaborated on with Tarkan to launch her album internationally, too.

Previous rumours reported had touted a Tarkan song titled "Çok Ayıp" (So Rude) as the lead single from Can's soon-to-be released 2009 album, with plans to film a music video to the track.

If the reports are true, this will be Tarkan's second collaboration on an album from Can. The pop singer had given her a song in 2007 that won an award for domestic digital sales in 2008.

Poster for Kültür University's 7th Annual Spring FestivitiesMeanwhile, while Turkish paper Sabah reported on Tarkan's appearance at Kültür University's 7th annual Spring Festivities as dazzling, Gazeteport published claims about an alleged incident at the festival, where a female fan reportedly managed to make it on stage and plant a kiss on Tarkan's lips.

The article claims the surprised singer responded by kissing her hand, before security removed the screaming girl from the platform.

And according to other articles in the entertainment press, it's not just girls from the public that want a chance to meet Tarkan.

While Turkish news portal Haberturk reports that German born Turkish female singer Atiye wants to duet with the pop star, it is also trying to stir rivalry with Belgian born pop star Hadise, who - if reports are correct - has already secured the chance to appear on stage with the much sought after star this June, after first meeting him at a Miss World contest in 2006.

Ugur Yildiran in Tarkan's video to Start the Fire and on stage with Hadise for the 2009 Eurovision Song ContestGarnering Turkey fourth place in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest - and using male dancer Uğur Yıldıran who also appeared as an extra in Tarkan's 2006 "Start the Fire" music video for the performance - Hadise's manager had been Tarkan's one time lawyer Süheyl Atay, whom she replaced recently.

And finally, in its third report on Tarkan, Gazeteport published a part Hürriyet interview from Russian pole vaulter Yelena Gadzhievna Isinbaeva, who is coming to Istanbul to compete in the World Indoor Athletic Championships in 2012.

The 26 year-old Russian beauty and nine-time major champion is reported to have said that she is a massive fan of the Turkish pop idol, and constantly listens to his music on her iPod.

"I'm dying to meet him," she said.

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