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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tarkan News: For the Record

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe takes a look at some news stories about Tarkan making the print in the press online.

Mobile Operator Talks Tarkan

Screencap of reportBelarus news portal Bybanner has run an interview with mobile services operator life:), with the reporter asking whether it would be possible to bring Turkish recording artist Tarkan over to the Eastern European country for a concert, similar to the time the operator had brought the world-famous pop singer to Ukraine in 2006.

"It's a question of the availability of these stars. The prices of stars can rise, can fall... If we find a time when the star is free at the right time, we invite them. Certainly, we shall continue with our concerts.

Outdoor billboard advertising for the cancelled Tarkan concert in Minsk, 29 July 2006
Outdoor billboard advertising for the cancelled Tarkan concert in Minsk, 2006
"As to Тarkan, while we don't have any such plans with him at present, but, maybe, sometime in the future there might be a surprise for our customers," the life:) representative was marked as saying (see top left pic for excerpt).

In 2006 there had been plans for Tarkan to appear on stage at Minsk's Dinamo Stadium in Belarus, but the concert had been indefinitely postponed.

Fans in the country have been waiting for over three years for the artist to come to Belarus.

"If Only Tarkan's American Dream Had Been a Russian One"

Columnist Cengiz SemercioğluColumnist Cengiz Semercioğlu, writing for paper Hürriyet, has written in a recent article how Tarkan should have turned his attentions towards the Russian music industry, rather than waste his time trying to get accepted in America.

"It good for a person to chase after his dreams," Semercioğlu writes, "but you have to be realistic.

"Tarkan tried for years to release an album in America. He relocated over there, was taken under the wing of [the late media mogul] Ahmet Ertegün, spent time, and energy...

"If he had spent half that energy on Russia, he would currently be of more interest to Europe... Years ago when I had gone to Moscow, I had seen it with my own eyes. How Tarkan had excited the Russian teens with news of a concert in a week's time... and you've seen his last Russian tour, too...

"In St. Petersburg and Moscow he pulls crowds just as large as he does in Istanbul. He has made Turkish citrus fruits in Russia popular with his TV commercials.

"But if you ask Tarkan, he'd turn his nose up at Russia. America is the place for him... Like you want the person that doesn't want you, and not the person that does...

"But really he has to understand, he's never going to be the "Eastern Prince" of the West..."

Going on Record: Latest Album News

Screencap of reportRumours are focusing on the background chatter surrounding the popular recording artist's studio efforts to release a new album, with some celebrity portals reporting that Tarkan has once again changed his mind about collaborating with Turkish diva Sezen Aksu for a new release (see left pic).

This sounds like old gossip regurgitated in the press, as Tarkan had put off releasing any Aksu songs in his last album, 2007's Metamorfoz.

Meanwhile, Tarkan's name is being mentioned in connection with new releases, but none, however, is directly to do with the singer's own much anticipated follow-up to his 2007 record.

As paper Sabah writes about a new album of Greek cover versions of Turkish hits - including Tarkan's 2003 track "Dudu" - other celebrity reports have picked up a Sabah article about singers releasing new material being much more wary about leaks to the internet, ever since Tarkan's songs were stolen and distributed illegally in 2005.

UPDATE: Tarkan said to deny extra security claims for albums (2010) >>

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