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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Press Snippet Compendium

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsAmongst the press snippets on Tarkan filtering through Turkish reports is news of Tarkan's first job as a sales assistant before finding fame in the Nineties, and that the media buzz around the popular singer had significantly increased in January (see left pic).

While Turkish paper Milliyet included Tarkan in a gallery of celebrities revealing their past occupations before they became famous, an online news portal has published the customary monthly report from Turkish news ombudsman Medya Takip Merkesi (MTM).

It reveals that Tarkan has enjoyed a huge spike in media interest last month following his January concert for the inauguration of Istanbul as a European Capital of Culture.

MTM had previously published a report that had seen Tarkan drop from the list of celebrity names dominating the domestic media channels last year.

Meanwhile, Tarkan can be found in another gallery - this time composed by paper Sabah - which compiles all the personal information a fan needs to know about their favourite stars, listing details such as the recording artist's favourite Turkish football team, his phobias and his Libra star-sign.

Claiming that the singer is afraid of the dark, the information lists Tarkan's height as 1.76, taller than the officially accepted height of 1.73.

"Two Greats Together"

Elsewhere in the papers, Haberturk has run an article on Nil Özalp's first solo album set to be released this month, declaring that it has succeeded to bring "two greats together" - with the record boasting tracks from both popular Turkish singer/songwriter Serdar Ortaç and Tarkan.

Özalp - who had been mixed up in love rumours with Turkey's megastar - has given her album the name of the Tarkan track, titled "Acıkolik", while both male artists have lent their backing vocals to their respective songs.

A report from Sabah adds that the first video single from the album will be to Ortaç's song "Kalp Boş" (Empty Heart).

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