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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan at a Distance

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As Tarkan pop protégé Emir's third video single circulates Turkish TV stations, media blog TarkanPLUS has reported that the newcomer had appeared on female presenter Saba Tümer's CNN Turk talk show aired last month.

Emir said on the show that he aimed to change his appearance with each release, taking Tarkan as inspiration, while also revealing that his famous employer was working towards releasing a new album in the spring.

Emir's Third Video Single

Once again directed by Murad Küçük, with cinematography by Robert Benavides, Emir released his third video single to the Nazan Öncel track "Tornistan", amidst reports that claim Tarkan was heavily involved in its production.

Tarkan had worked with Öncel himself, most notably for his Karma album in 2001 - which has been voted by Billboard magazine as one of the top albums of the last decade.

In relation to Emir's single, an article in Sabah writes that the video's set "toy shop" look was conceived by Tarkan, the extras were chosen personally by him and that he even lent Emir his own shoes for the shoot to bring him luck - while the costumes were designed by the latest female stylist to work with Tarkan, Ceyda Balaban.

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Other News in Brief

Yekaterinburg-based Russian variety portal has published love advice for women in a recent lifestyle article which suggests they make their partner feel like a sultan with some Tarkan music and belly dance, while a Turkish journalist talking of her experiences while based in Iran speaks of Tarkan's popularity in the Islamic republic.

And as reports cite representatives from the Turkish citrus fruit industry who say that Tarkan's commercials in Russia have not only promoted Turkish goods, but Turkey as well, other stories write that Tarkan's distant relatives are fighting their own campaign in the popular singer's paternal homestead in the Black Sea region to save their natural habitant from government plans to develop the area.

Finally, in the column of Mustafa Mutlu, it seems that Tarkan is currently steering clear of politics, with news that the artist has declined an invitation from the Turkish government given out to the Turkish celebrity community to be briefed on the country's recent political reforms - citing a busy schedule.

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