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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Press Snippets: Relating to Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsIn another quick look at Tarkan related stories doing the rounds in the Turkish press, two columnists focus on Pepsi's dealings in Turkey, while the head of Sony in Turkey reveals he is a Tarkan fan (see left pic).

First up, in the columns of paper Hürriyet, Ertan Acar has touched upon Pepsi's Turkish promotion campaigns in an article headlined "Choose the right celebrity, double your sales" - where he claims the drinks giant is one of the most successful companies to utilise famous names alongside their own brand.

Highlighting the "Think global, act local" philosophy behind Pepsi's campaigns, Acar says the company may have hit a brick wall, however, in its recent attempt to acquire Black Sea region singer Volkan Konak, who snubbed a million dollar offer from American soft drink giant Pepsi.

Acar emphasises that the most guaranteed method of success is to pick those from popular culture making a noise - but not immediately linked with any other big names - to make-up the face of a campaign conjured up to boost nationwide sales.

"We Turks like good-looking types we can relate to," he writes, listing Tarkan as one of the those celebrities successful in ad campaigns in recent years.

Elsewhere, Medyatava has published an article by national daily Yeni Şafak writer Bekir Hazar, who gives the background to the news that Konak refused to work with the American soft drink giant.

Hazar explains that after Pepsi dumped Tarkan, because his name got mixed up with drugs, they wanted to do a deal with Konak, who refused them because of his political beliefs.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

"After turning down a million dollar offer, Pepsi came back with a figure of a million euros, but Konak refused again. That was when they turned to [a] TV actor," Hazar writes.

Meanwhile, property portal Emlak Kulisi has carried an interview with the head of the Turkish arm of Sony, Iranian born Mohsen Noohi, who says his favourite acts are the top two most talked celebrities of last month, Hülya Avşar and Tarkan.

While confessing to be more taken by Avşar's beauty, "I find Tarkan very lively," he is quoted as saying.

"Drugs Dry Up Tarkan"

Screencap of reportIn other reports, Bugün writer Batuhan Özkardeşler has prepared a piece on Tarkan claiming that drugs has dried up the singer's "money well" and that his workers are complaining about not getting paid (see left pic).

Özkardeşler writes that after Tarkan was arrested, all his contracts has been cancelled. With revenue drying up he claims, the singer's workers are not getting paid.

"Famous artist Tarkan's bad days know no end. Working beside Tarkan for 12 years, his close aide and bodyguard Levent Ağaoğlu is saying to friends, "I can't earn money any more, after the concerts were cancelled our extras were cut, we're in a bad way financially," and that he wants to part ways with Tarkan."

UPDATE: Ağaoğlu denies split claims >>

Bugün variety correspondent Özkardeşler also claims that Tarkan's usual crew of musicians who accompany him on his shows are also suffering the pinch by the hiatus.

This time citing unnamed sources, he claims: "The artist's band members are saying, "Every artist is getting work, signing agreements, we're doing nothing. In previous years we went to university fests, concerts abroad. This year we haven't gone to one gig," and the such."

Although it's well known that most of the more known musicians working with Tarkan do not work for the artist exclusively, and that dates have in fact been played in Istanbul and Moscow during the first two months of this year, Özkardeşler goes on in the article to write the singer is losing a lot of revenue.

"Everything has seemed to go downhill after Tarkan was taking in for questioning on possession of drugs, and he is facing financial ruin. With all Tarkan's agreed concerts one by one falling by the wayside, his free performances for charity events have also been cancelled. It's said that last week's scheduled appearance at the police ball was cancelled, with Gülben Ergen and Ferhat Göçer taking his place instead. Before he was taken in, Tarkan had shook hands with Pepsi on a 2.5 million dollar deal, which he lost to [TV and cinema actor] Kenan İmirzalıoğlu."

Finally, to end all the conjecture he has pieced together, Özkardeşler ends his article by suggesting that his new album is the singer's last chance.

"It's said that Tarkan isn't too worried about his current situation, as he is looking at the new album he is planning to release as a new beginning. As sources close to him reveal that he his spending all his day in the studio, he has a lot of faith in the new record and is getting ready to greet fans as a completely new Tarkan. If he succeeds they say, it will wipe all losses to his pocket and reputation."

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