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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tarkan to Make First Show Since Arrest?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportMedia portal Haberturk had today run an article that claimed Tarkan was preparing to appear at this year's Kral TV's 16th annual video and music awards ceremony on 17 May to duet with Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan. Although Haberturk has currently removed the article, it still shows up in its search results for the popular Turkish recording artist (see left pic).

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Tarkan's failure to show up last year at the Kral TV event throws some doubt on the recent rumours of an appearance with Pekkan, although unofficial sources claim that the agreement has been finalised.

Unclear as to the reason for the removal of Haberturk's page, Tarkan Deluxe had received emails from unofficial sources two weeks ago to inform us that there were talks in progress for Pekkan to appear with Tarkan for the event, but no confirmation had come from any official quarter apart from the news that Tarkan's music company HITT would be organising the event.

Recent news published by official channels at Kral TV had revealed that HITT will be organising the award ceremony, while Legend Security - whose founder is Tarkan's long-term private bodyguard - will be overseeing security for the evening.

Rumours of a Tarkan appearance last year had surrounded the 15th Kral TV VMA event - one of the largest and reputable VMA ceremonies the Turkish music industry has - which sees a mix of categories elected by public and special jury vote to decide the year's most successful names in Turkish music.

If the rumours prove to be true it might well come to be Tarkan's first appearance since his arrest in March following an anti-drug sting.

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