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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Press Snippets: Talking of Standards

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsIn reports coming out of the media on Tarkan, there is a mention from Hürriyet variety correspondent Cengiz Semercioğlu, while The Tripatini Blog - described as "Facebook for travellers" - has a write-up on Tarkan posted up in the last days of March (see left pic).

Headlined as "Turkish Pop Heartthrob Tarkan Still Popping", the Tripatini staff print that the singer is "compared to a cross between a Turkish Elvis and Michael Jackson in terms of his impact on his country's pop music scene, and he's achieved a measure of fame abroad, as well, particularly in Europe."

Meanwhile, Hürriyet correspondent Semercioğlu has talked about the legal system needing to be equal, with the news that another celebrity was taken in for questioning - but this time handcuffed.

Although taken in on a different charge, Semercioğlu points out that because the recent custody of a singer was a rocker with a past filled with previous convictions, no one in the media had spoken out about his being handcuffed - although he had later been released with no charge filed.

"When it's Tarkan we think differently, act differently ... but we forget that justice doesn't accept double standards," he writes, indicating Tarkan's recent arrest by narcotics under suspicion of drug pushing and possession last month.

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In that time, some sections in the media had criticised Tarkan's "soft treatment" by the police and that he hadn't been handcuffed during his detention.

In response to the criticism that Tarkan had not been handcuffed, when Tarkan's lawyer had spoken on Turkish news station NTV to express his client's complete innocence of all charges, lawyer Yunus Egemenoğlu has said that when there is no danger of suspects fleeing, handcuffs are unnecessary.

He went on to say that criticism should not have been directed at why Tarkan was not handcuffed, but rather towards the use of handcuffs on the others.

And finally, in other reports, Tarkan gets a mention in a recent blog post linked to a German liberal daily newspaper known as the Taz, where its workers write behind the scenes.

In an April posting, there is an interesting formula found to relieve stress. "Tarkan is played, and the boss dances," the post reveals.

Berlin's Tageszeitung, or TAZ, embodies the alternative green movement and is the smallest of Germany's national papers.

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