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Monday, May 17, 2010

Press Snippets: And Finally Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As Turkish radio stations Kral FM and Pal FM have added Tarkan's latest track to the top ten of their airplay lists in just under a week of airtime, celebrity portal Gecce has mentioned Tarkan in two reports.

One story re-prints the news that Tarkan has denied any intention of moving to Florida, and that he would remain in Turkey, while the other is from the pen of female columnist Deniz Nurcan.

Headlined as "And Finally Tarkan!!!", Nurcan writes of the difficulties that face Tarkan because of the high expectations that always come with a new album.

"Who Would Want to be Tarkan Right Now?"

"At the moment I'm listening to Tarkan's latest song "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") on the Internet.

"I listened to it a few times and I'm trying to get used to it... And because I love Tarkan a lot I want to be positive about it!

"The lyrics and music are quite beautiful. But why I don't know, I feel I expected more from the hit machine I've come to know as the Megastar. It's like after listening to the song I'm still not satisfied...

"Although it's really a beautiful song. Not bad at all. It's enough for me to hear Tarkan's voice anyway.

"But why it is I don't know, we always expect even better things from people that have released so many extraordinarily successful and explosive hits.

"It's hard for people like Tarkan that only compete with themselves! I say only, because he's the Mega- Hyper-Star!

"Think about Tarkan's situation now! He has to compete with [his] songs like "Şıkıdım" (A-acayipsin, 1994) and "Şımarık" (Ölürüm Sana, 1997) that have become legends! We're waiting for tracks that will rock all of Turkey, and become pop anthems again!

"It's definitely not enough for his songs to be just good! They have to be the best of the best! Unfortunately so! Being so very successful, and even becoming our most well known artist outside of Turkey, has put Tarkan into hot water!

"Get out of it now if you can! Produce hits like "Şımarık" that have rocked the world charts over and over again!

"Can you imagine what unbelievable pressure the Megastar is under?

"His biggest rival isn't some name X from outside that he can just push aside!

"There isn't anyone else! And how can you push yourself aside?

"However much fame, fortune and money might seem alluring and exciting, I wonder how many of us would want to be in Tarkan's shoes right now?"

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