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Monday, May 10, 2010

Press Snippets: News in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Buddhist Monk is Big Tarkan Fan

In a Hürriyet travel report by Leyla Derya, she writes how she met up with Australian Jeffrey Oliver in Thailand, who had lived as a Buddhist monk in Burma for eight years.

"Now he's a tutor for concious meditation. He loves music, dance and sports. He is a big Tarkan and knows almost all his songs off by heart," Derya writes.

Music Critic: "Tarkan shot down his own star"

Paper Sabah has run an interview with musicologist and critic Naim Dilmener - who is known for his vitriolic comments when criticising the work of music artists.

Dilmener talks about the current nostalgia in Turkey for Nineties Turkish pop music, describing Tarkan as worth 20 Mustafa Sandals and 25 Serdar Ortaçs, but adding that Tarkan is someone who erased his stardom with his own hands.

"Tarkan should have changed the music he's been selling for 15 years knowing it couldn't last another month," Dilmener is quoted as saying.

Ali Yildirim's article "To Criticise the Critics" (Feb 27, 2008) had been written in the main as a response to the witch hunt led by music critic Dilmener against Tarkan's 2007 Metamorfoz.

Tarkan at 16th Kral VMAs?

Celebrity portals Gecce and UçanKuş have printed a report with the main controller of major Turkish music station Kral TV, who has seemingly confirmed the rumour that Tarkan will be appearing at its 16th VMAs ceremony.

UPDATE: Tarkan to sing 2010 May song at the VMAs >>

New Tarkan Album in June?

And finally, as Tarkan fans eagerly wait for more news on a 2010 Tarkan album, a response to one Tarkan fan's question on the Twitter account of Samsun Demir, from the distributor music label DMC, has seen a release date given for some time in the first ten days of June.

DMC have been working with Tarkan ever since 2007, as the Turkish distributor for Metamorfoz.

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