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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swear Allegiance to King Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan fans open banner in support of the Turkish megastar at the 16th Kral VMAsTarkan fans open banner in support of the Turkish megastar at the 16th Kral VMAs

Tarkan fans did Tarkan proud at the 16th Kral VMAs on Monday evening, as they cheered on their idol during Tarkan's single song performance for the opening of the event, both Sabah and Hürriyet reports.

A banner opened up by Tarkan fans as they waited in the front stalls for their idol captured the attention of the Turkish press. Worded poetically by Tarkan fan Serkan Eskalen, it read, "Let it be written in golden letters across our hearts [that] we come together in your dignified character."

Sabah also adds that singer and friend Kenan Doğulu showed his support for the Turkish megastar by saying, "There's a special place for him reserved in my heart," while Hürriyet writes Tarkan arrived at the ceremony an hour before he was due to perform, and left as soon as his performance was over without speaking to the press.

Meanwhile, as one gossip portal claims Tarkan was "hurried away by his bodyguards" from the evening, an online news portal reports the claim that there were indeed plans for Tarkan to duet with Ajda Pekkan, who performed halfway through the award ceremony.

The article writes Pekkan was reportedly confused when Tarkan did not make an appearance, but they are on speaking terms and keep in touch via phone.

And finally, another news portal has headlined Tarkan's performance as "the King announcing his reign" over Turkish pop music, printing that the megastar's five minute opening show overtook the whole event.

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