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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Press Snippets: Pop Wars

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Kings of Music Crowned Yesterday

NTVMSNBC has reported on Kral's 16th VMAs yesterday evening, which was kick-started with Tarkan performing his as-yet-to-be released latest album's track "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike").

Relative newcomer to the singing scene, but years in the industry, Mustafa Ceceli came out tops with Best Male Artist and Best Album of the Year gongs. He thanked Turkish diva Sezen Aksu for pushing him towards a career in singing on accepting his awards.

Ceceli is reported to have worked on Tarkan's 2010 album.

"Pop Wars at Exclusive Istanbul Club"

Paper Milliyet's variety section Cadde writes that DJ Suat Ateşdağlı was accosted by Turkish pop's key players Demet Akalın, Hande Yener and Kenan Doğulu at Istanbul's exclusive bar Sortie to play their songs.

In the ensuing "pop war", the ladies won with ten plays each, while Doğulu and Tarkan (who wasn't there) got five plays of their songs during the evening, Milliyet writes.

Tarkan's Summer

Openly gay Akşam columnist Oray Eğin - who is known for trying to out Tarkan - has written about the Turkish megastar's latest musical contribution to the Turkish music scene in a recent column.

Although he ultimately comes out in favour of Tarkan, the tone of his article is in his usual caustic style.

"Not Demet Akalın, or Hande Yener... It looks like this summer is going to be Tarkan's by a huge margin. For starters the kid has given up his desire to be a world star. He's put to one side his obsessiveness to make market songs with some oriental motifs that might sell in Turkey and across the world. Moreover, he's understood that if he doesn't do something, he's on the verge of being forgotten.

"It's obvious he's worked hard... And finally produced a real good song. Not as cheap as a "market" song. It's above a certain standard, that much is for sure. But the market will like it, too.

"It's snappy, and memorable ... let me confess this, too. It's nearly been a week since Tarkan's song is out, and I wasn't the least bit interested. I didn't even heed the buzz that this time "it's good". But afterwards I listened to it only out of a reporter's curiosity. Just to be informed.

"I was glad I did... The song of this summer is Tarkan."

Album Postponed Because of Tarkan?

The gossip sections of paper Sabah printed the rumour that Turkish singer/songwriter Serdar Ortaç has postponed his album, due out at the same time as Tarkan's new release, because he was "fearful" of the Turkish megastar's comeback to the Turkish music scene.

What is interesting is that the news was posted up for only a few hours, before promptly being removed from Sabah's online archive.

Hadise: "No Comment"

Celebrity portals are reporting that female Turkish pop singer Hadise, who has won Best Female Singer at the first Balkan Music Awards held in Bulgaria yesterday, has responded to questions about what she thought of Tarkan's latest song by saying she hadn't heard it.

Hadise's boyfriend, songwriter Sinan Akçıl was clubbing with singer Yener at Sortie, while the pop star was in Bulgaria accepting her award.

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