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Thursday, July 15, 2010

More 2010 Album Updates

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of Turkish songwriter Gunay Coban's Facebook profileThe musical meeting between songwriter Günay Çoban for Tarkan's eagerly anticipated 2010 album - which resulted in the song "Kayıp" ("Lost") - has made Çoban comment about the upcoming album on his Facebook profile.

Obviously excited at the anticipated release, he gives fans some clues as to the reported poem at the end of the song, while commenting that every songwriter wishes to work with Tarkan and Sezen Aksu, and that he has been lucky enough to work with both.

Çoban also goes on to claim that the album is ready for release already, with it "definitely coming out in Istanbul on 15 or 16 July".

Tarkan has Postponed Album Again

Screencap of tweetsHowever, the most recent news to hit the media is via Turkish music label DMC rep Samsun Demir, who has tweeted that Tarkan has pulled the album from print at the last moment, as he has changed his mind about the number of songs on the album.

After Demir tweeted Tarkan had pulled back the album for some final last minute changes, hoping that the release would be before 30 July, he became inundated with tweets from enraged fans for the turnaround at the eleventh hour of release.

Demir tweeted in response that "fans had to make up their minds", too, as Tarkan was adding more songs on the album because of the criticism that six songs were not enough.

"We have to show the artist respect as he is doing this for you [the fans]," Demir tweeted, while promising followers a release date would be given this week and that the album would make it before the scheduled Harbiye show on 31 July.

"I trust [Tarkan's] instincts," Demir said.

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