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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tarkan Slated for Awards Show?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

2009 Awards Ceremony

Turkish media portal Gazeteport has reported that major Turkish music society MÜ-YAP has merged its annual music industry awards ceremony with music entertainment channel Kral's 15th entertainment awards to host one of the largest and reputable award ceremonies the domestic music industry will see this year.

Awarding celebrities by popular vote since 1994, Kral has for the first time teamed up with MÜ-YAP's industry awards established in 2003 to air their 15th award ceremony live on 5 May, scheduled to start at nine in the evening (local Turkish time) at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre in Harbiye.

Kral VMA LogoGazeteport reports that Tarkan will be performing at the 2009 event, which will see a mix of categories for sales awards and those elected by public and special jury vote to decide the most successful names in music for 2008.

UPDATE: Tarkan fails to show at awards night >>

The Turkish singer is appearing in one 2008 Kral TV award category open for the public vote, the music video category for "Dilli Düdük" (Metamorfoz, 2007).

UPDATE: Tarkan video fails to win at awards night >>

If claims of a Tarkan appearance are true, then this could signal a thawing of relations between the pop star and the major Turkish music station, which has seemingly been pushing an anti-Tarkan agenda in recent years.

Tarkan: A favourite of celebrities

In other news stories, celebrities including 2009 Eurovision entrant for Greece Sakis Rouvas and rising star Sıla Gençoğlu - known popularly just as Sıla - have mentioned Tarkan in a series of interviews for Turkish newspaper Sabah.

While Greek male singer Rouvas, who in an interview during his visit to Istanbul, described being compared to Tarkan as a great honour, female Turkish musician Sıla has listed Tarkan as her favourite singer.

And finally Turkish songwriter Günay Çoban has been raving about Tarkan's vocal talents, too.

"It's like he's caught a nightingale in his throat," Çoban's reported to have said. "God's special servant. An amazing soul, specially programmed and sent to the world. A charmer that heals with his voice!"

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