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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Praise for Goodhearted Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsHaving recently supported singer Kibariye with a collaboration on her latest album, the female singer has been full of praise for Tarkan in her Sunday interviews.

Kibariye's praise of Tarkan in the Sunday papers has been so vociferous that it has even caused one journalist to comment about the reports to say if it wasn't for the "great love" for Tarkan expressed in the interviews, it wouldn't have possible to do a full length report with the singer.

Kibariye covered the Turkish megastar's hit track "Arada Bir" (Metamorfoz, 2007), with Tarkan lending his backing vocals on the track. This is their second collaboration, as they last sang together in 2006.

"Tarkan is a Babe"

For an interview in paper Milliyet, Kibariye speaks at long length about her close friend Tarkan, while explaining that in her opinion there were no strict genre divisions in music with Turkish pop and arabesque artists constantly taking from the other.

When asked what made her album good and how she had chosen her track list, she responded that "naturally there are some super pieces. You know there is my Tarkan's track ... I knew Tarkan's song from before and really loved it."

And in response to whether she was close friends with Tarkan, she had this to say: "He's my darling, my darling! Look, we met years ago when I was hosting a show on Kanal 6. It was the time he first burst onto the scene, his "Kıl Oldum Abi" period. He was a guest on the show.

"Years have gone by, the kid has gotten bigger and bigger but do you know he hasn't changed? They say that "fame makes people crazy". It's true but this kid hasn't changed, what he was back then he is now. No hang-ups, completely confident in himself, the beauty in his heart has reflected onto his face. If you see him in the flesh, you can't take your eyes away from his beauty. He's a babe, a babe."

Publishing a picture with Turkish pop's megastar and Kibariye, the Milliyet article runs the caption that Tarkan has top priority in Kibariye's life, and that she would do anything he asked of her, because he has done the same, and when questioned about her cover of Tarkan's "Arada Bir" she is quoted as saying that she sang it very well.

"That track, for example, he was there personally for its recording. He had returned from America, got off the plane and came to the studio without even going home. He met me at the door. We recorded for eight hours. No complaints, no moods. He acted as though it was his own album.

"I ask you: Did he need to do it? What could he possibly get off me? Nothing. Could I get anything off him? No. Ours is just a mutual friendship. Look I'm saying this on this holy day (the report was taken during the Muslim festival that celebrates the Isra and Mi'raj): may God take from my life and add to his, whatever he desire may he get it tenfold. I wish for my friend a life as pure as his heart."

The report goes on to say that she calls Tarkan her "only friend" in a community of celebrities where there are none, with Kibariye stating that apart from Tarkan she did not mix with anyone from the celebrity world.

"People are afraid of singing together for goodness sake [let alone anything else]. If you've got a strong voice they don't even want to sing with you, let alone be seen with you! Of course you can't force everyone to get along together [or] be friends with each other, but would it be so bad if we were?" Kibariye asks in the Sunday piece.

"My Prayers are with Tarkan"

Meanwhile, in media portal Haberturk's variety section HTMagazin there is a short piece on Tarkan, where Kibariye is quoted as saying that "her prayers are enough" for Tarkan.

"I'm not saying this because he sang on the record, but he is a beautiful kid, very respectful, a real good kid. It's the second time he's doing this beautiful thing for me, God bless him. And my prayers are enough for him. He worked with me for eight hours on this record. If it was anyone else, they wouldn't do it.

"We spoke a while back and he said, "I don't need favours from you, you don't need favours from me." It was a beautiful thing he said, very true. I don't want to give any names, but some people [made the same promises] and made me wait three-four years.

"He didn't do that. It's real bad to make people wait, make promises and then upset people. Tarkan has never upset me," she is quoted as saying for Haberturk on Sunday.

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