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Monday, August 09, 2010

Press Snippets: Notes on a Megastar's Shows

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan@Taşköprü's 24th Garlic Festival

Screencap of reportsAs papers continue to print about the "accident" Tarkan faced on his way to the town of Taşköprü's 24th annual festival this year, Milliyet writes that while Tarkan was crowned king of the festival, singer Bengü was crowned queen.

Paper Akşam writes that forty thousand people watched Tarkan's show on 6 August, and Hürriyet carries a story about a horse racing fatality in the arena where Tarkan had given his show the day before.

Tarkan@Bianca Beach in Bodrum

Screencap of reportsBefore Tarkan's Bodrum show last week on 7 August, while celebrity portals and newspapers alike were printing that Tarkan would be in or had flown to Bodrum for his recent show, Milliyet's variety section Cadde published reports that say there were tussles between celebrities trying to get VIP box seating arrangements for the concert.

Meanwhile, as local paper Yeni Asır reports that Tarkan shook off the shock of the Taşköprü accident by entertaining 3,000 people in Bodrum at a show that caused heavy traffic at sea, Cadde has printed a report that claims 3,200 people came to see the show, for which Tarkan was paid $250,000 to perform.

The report also says the singer reportedly complained to the crowd about their lack of energy. "None of you are having fun, and you're not singing along to the songs. There's no applause, no moving in time with the beat. What is this, I'll get upset and won't come to Bodrum again."

A report by paper Sabah on the show also prints that 3,200 people came to the event, but says that Tarkan earned money and also generated money for Bodrum, too.

"Those wishing to see Tarkan from boxed seats paid £1,000 TL per person ... while watching Tarkan in the standing stalls was £90 TL. When hundreds of Tarkan fans couldn't find tickets, they grabbed the opportunity to watch on boats and yachts from the sea.

"A first was seen at this concert where boats organised concert tours for £20 TL. The boat tours sailed to right to the edge of Bianca Beach and let customers listen to Tarkan," Sabah writes.

The account adds that Albanian President Bamir Topi was also at the show, and that Tarkan stayed at Bodrum's Grand Yazıcı Hotel, where he dined on hamburgers and pizza-like bread. He was shuttled to the show by boat, and took a private plane out to the Turkish province of Rize at eleven the next morning for a concert there.

Tarkan@15th Ovit Mountain Pastures Festival in Rize

Screencap of reportAnd after Tarkan gave a show for the 15th Ovit Mountain Pastures festivities on 8 August in Rize, paper Bugün has published an article listing singers that are "earning from high", writing that in the last two years artists have mountain pasture festivities as an extra income.

Claiming that it has now become tradition for famous singers to make appearances at these mountain pasture festivities to catch a cool breeze in the summer, it's an addition to their schedule of shows on beaches and in towns, the article writes.

Tarkan is amongst those most sought after for these festivities, and the article lists him at the top of the earners, claiming that he gets £350,000 TL for an appearance.

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