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Monday, August 09, 2010

Press Snippets: Notes on a Megastar

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In the Columns

Screencap of reportCelebrity correspondent for Haberturk, Oben Budak has written a short passage on Tarkan's latest album Adımı Kalbine Yaz in his 7 August dated column, indicating that the album's success could be riding a wave of 90s nostalgia.

Suggesting that everything 90s might be making a comeback, Budak writes: "I have to be honest, all the songs on Tarkan's album are great, we've consumed them all already. But if you say is there anything new in them, there isn't! It's just the known format from the 90s with a little bit of added technology. And of course when Tarkan's amazing vocals are added into the mix we listen in rapture.

"But this situation has got me thinking, [after the focus on the 80s] could it be that our new nostalgic era is the 90s?"

Screencap of reportAnd as Hürriyet female columnist Ömür Gedik pens a sentence in her 5 August column over her sadness of not being able to make it to Tarkan's first two Harbiye shows, she reveals the "good news" that Tarkan will be back at the venue on 27 and 28 August.

Screencap of reportElsewhere, celebrity portal Gecce female columnist Dilara Pekel has mentioned Tarkan's latest album in her column.

After writing out the lyrics to one of Tarkan's latest tracks "Sen Çoktan Gitmişsin", she says: "The whole album rocks, but this song just punched a hole in my heart... No words can be said after it... Amazing," she writes.

"Welcome Tarkan... It was so good that you came... I had so missed the way you make me feel..."

Singing With Tarkan

Screencap of reportsFemale correspondent Çağdaş Ertuna for Milliyet's variety section Cadde writes about music producer Ozan Doğulu's Kuruçeşme Arena show, where the artists he gathered together on his 2010 album came together on stage to sing their songs.

While Turkish divas Sezen Aksu and Ajda Pekkan were there, Ertuna writes that Tarkan was absent as he couldn't make it, but they played his two tracks featured on Doğulu's album.

One of the other featuring artists at the Kuruçeşme Arena that evening was female singer Ziynet Sali, who praised Tarkan to reporters after Doğulu's show, gossip portal Ayaklı Gazete writes.

The account says that Sali went to watch Tarkan at the Harbiye, and hinted of a possible duet with the Turkish megastar in 2011.

Another female popstress Gülşen has also mentioned Tarkan, whilst on stage at a festival. Telling the crowd that "My Tarkan has arrived" she proceeded to sing Tarkan songs during her performance, local paper Yeni Asır writes.

In Other Reports

Press Snippets at Tarkan's official siteReaders can also take a look at press snippets about Tarkan archived at

Screencap of reportsMoving on, citing paper Milliyet's original report, media portal Haberturk has published an article on the new look

The reports write along with the new changes, of notable interest is that amongst the press snippets archived at the artist's official site Tarkan hasn't censored reports over his drug case. The news accounts cite 13 articles about the matter in's press section.

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In other reports, a news portal has shared a mixed play lists of Tarkan's old and new hits online for those that like his old style and his latest contemporary look, but not failing to add the note that readers should buy the original CD.

"If you like to listen to Tarkan's songs, if you want 100% music enjoyment and for Tarkan to provide you with 24/7 music play, then don't forget to buy the artist's original albums. For no online airplay can take the place of an original Tarkan album," it notes.

And Tarkan appears in the columns of two Cadde writers, as they take a dig at the artist.

One Cadde correspondent lists the summer routine as "Go into the sea-consume beer and crisps-back in the sea-sunbathe for 15 minutes-in the evening go to a bar that plays Tarkan songs at least five times...", another Cadde correspondent, who works on TV host Okan Bayülgen's show, jokes about Tarkan's mouth on the sleeve of his latest album looking something drawn from a caricaturist's pen.

Finally, celebrity reports on Turkish singer-songwriter Serdar Ortaç continue to involve Tarkan at some point, whether it's in connection over love rumours with a Tarkan ex or about songs on Tarkan's 2010 album.

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