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Monday, July 03, 2017

Tarkan's Chart Domination Continues

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

Tarkan's first digital single from 10 cements its top position on the official Turkish airplay chart, as it enters in first and second place in other streaming sites after a wider release in its second week.

The single "Yolla" has charted second place in Spotify's Top 50 most listened to in Turkey, while the pop track has dominated Turkish music site Türk Telekom Müzik similar to its domination of fizy and iTunes.

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As with the other two music sites, the top slots of Türk Telekom Müzik's download charts are completely taken over by Tarkan's 2017 tracks, while "Yolla" is top of its most listened to tracks.

And in the 26th week of official airplay in the Turkish charts, Tarkan maintains his top spot with "Yolla" by a large margin according to music monitor TelifMetre.

According to its official figures Tarkan now holds the record for the artist most played on TV and radio in a week.

Elsewhere, viewing figures show that Tarkan's "Yolla" music video continues to be top trending on Youtube, amassing a total tally of 15 million views in 5 days from both uploads on NetD and Tarkan's official channel.

Tarkan has published the entire catalogue of his 10th release on Youtube today

Meanwhile, as 10 remains the highest selling album in Turkey, outside its borders the Turkish media report that being the 4th highest grossing world music album on Billboard has caught the attention of Billboard research manager Alex Vitoulis.

Popular Turkish daily Hürriyet has reported that after Tarkan charted on Billboard, Vitoulis reached out to music label DMC exec Samsun Demir by email to request further information on the Turkish Republic's king of pop.

It's said that Vitoulis wanted exact sales figures to publish in Billboard for an article on Tarkan, with a request to add some of Tarkan's hits to their digital archives.

The article also reveals that Tarkan paid 750,000 TL ($215,000) to long time arranger and music producer Ozan Çolakoğlu to work on 10.

Chart Listings for "Yolla" (July 2017)

Official Turkish Airplay Chart | Position 1
TelifMetre Airplay Chart | Position 1
fizy Top 100 | Position 1
iTunes Singles Top 100 | Position 1
Turk Telekom Muzik (Stream) | Position 1
Turk Telekom Muzik (Download) | Position 1
YouTube Trending in Turkey Top 10 | Position 1
Spotify Most Played Turkish Top 50 | Position 1 2

Kral Pop Liste Chart | Position 2 (Total share of)
Digital Single Sales Top 10 | Position 4
Most Streamed Single Top 10 | Position 2
National Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 2
Local Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 5

Kral Pop Radyo Top 20 | Position 6 10 (LW)
Kral Pop TV Top 20 | Position 8 10 (LW)

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