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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tarkan Chart Update: Week 36

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

In the 36th week of Tarkan's 2017 album 10's release, the megastar holds on at number six of the highest selling albums across D&R stores, while his second video single remains at sixth place for airplay.

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Tarkan's award-winning second video single release "Beni Çok Sev" - which courted controversy over plagiarism claims last week - remains in sixth place according to official Turkish airplay, while it's down at seventh place of alternative monitor Telifmetre endorsed figures in the 8th week of 2018.

"Beni Çok Sev" is at number eight on the Pop Liste - music station Kral Pop's compliation chart for airplay and sales. In the breakdown, Tarkan is at number four on national radio airplay and down in tenth place for campus airplay.

On Kral Pop's own weekly charts, "Beni Çok Sev" is at number six for TV and at number seven on its radio figures.

On PowerTürk, a rival national radio station, its TV Pop 40 chart sees Tarkan down at number seven from last week, while its Pop 40 chart places Tarkan in tenth place. On PowerTürk's Pop 10 the listing remains unchanged, with Tarkan in first place.

Meanwhile, the music video to "Beni Çok Sev" - which was dropped exclusively to streaming site fizy for two weeks - has collected over a total of 45m views on YouTube.

The song has been a fan favourite since 10's release, appearing in the music charts alongside "Yolla" and has hit over 84m organic hits on Tarkan's Youtube channel without a music video - currently his channel's most highest viewed track.

Following a three month domination of the charts last summer, Tarkan's first digital drop "Yolla" is still showing in some charts.

In Kral Pop's breakdown of its compilation chart Pop Liste, "Yolla" is down at number four for campus radio airplay.

The music video to "Yolla" has accumulated over a total of 256m views. The video on music channel NetD has alone surpassed 220m views, making Tarkan the first Turkish male artist on its YouTube channel to achieve the 200m milestone.

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