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Sunday, February 25, 2018

News Snippets: More of Tarkan

Posted by Hatice Soylu from Istanbul, Turkey
(Legal information provided by Ali Yildirim)

In the wake of the music academy MESAM finding, five celeb journos at the Habertürk entertainment desk have commented about the ruling on Tarkan's award-winning song "Beni Çok Sev" plagiarising an 80s song, and Tarkan's subsequent media silence over the "musical theft".

The general consensus from the article is that although Tarkan isn't credited as the composer of the song and so blameless of plagiarism, his unresponsiveness is a mistake and that the artist should publicly apologise.

The Turkish media are treating the ruling as definitive, although it's not legally enforceable. The songs in question sound similar and expert opinion has found sufficient similarities to believe Tarkan's song is a copy, but a court may rule differently.

The issue is whether the 80s song was knowingly copied or whether the similar musical characteristics of the songs are because of musical traditions that date back to the 1800s and the waltz form.

Meanwhile, a columnist writing for football site Fanatik, Cem Dizdar said that "Beni Çok Sev" is almost an exact replica of the 80s track, with "just a few differences here and there".

Dizdar went on to say that although the similarities may have slipped past Tarkan, the same excuse can't be used by the credited composer of Tarkan's track - and that it was a generic sign of the times.

"Like football, the same can be said of our music... If we can't compose original songs anymore, it's evidence of how drained our cultural resources are," he wrote.

More Tarkan Baby Reactions

When Tarkan announced he was going to be a father, it was undoubtedly the top celebrity baby news of the year. Being the most talked about newborn announcement and baby bump story from Turkey's top celebrity couple brought its ups and downs.

In the most recent examples, a popular gay Youtuber and his fag hag parodied Tarkan's baby news video to announce they had made up, a transsexual diva said she was looking forward to being a "grandmother", and Tarkan's long-term music arranger's wife said she was looking at baby names.

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Elsewhere, father of nine, folk singer İzzet Yıldızhan congratulated Tarkan on his baby news. "I was overjoyed when I heard the news. It was a great video. I've been telling all my artist friends for years to be parents. Because it's an indescribable feeling. I'm telling you, just wait until Tarkan gets to hold his baby in his arms, he won't know what hit him," Yıldızhan told reporters.

Sabah correspondent Yüksel Aytuğ also had some good advice to give Tarkan in preparation for fatherhood in his column today. Aytuğ wrote that he wouldn't forget the light in Tarkan's eyes over his baby joy "as long as he lived", while sharing some advice for Tarkan and all new fathers.

Listing ten points, the columnist began by telling Tarkan "nothing would ever be the same again" and that his newborn baby would be the megastar in his life from now on.

"The sun never rises from the East again. The sun will rise when that baby wakes from sleep," Aytuğ advised, also saying that the baby would be a new source of inspiration for Tarkan.

More Tarkan Talk

Greek singer, musician and songwriter George Perris is in Istanbul for a 28 February show and has given an interview where he has made the requisite comments visiting artists make - in that he would like to duet with Tarkan.

In an interview with a homegrown artist, Kurdish singer İntizar has been promoting her new album, while mentioning Tarkan and giving her backing to the Turkish military operations in Syria.

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Revealing that her latest album contained a song she had originally wrote for Tarkan, and that Turkish pop's megastar would be suited to sing in the arabesk genre, too, she also said she was 100% behind Turkey's war heroes.

"I truly believe the militants are just pawns of the Christian powers and not really interested in my or my people's rights," she said.

In other news, an interview in the Milliyet with US-born child actor Isabella Damla Güvenilir wrote she is finding fans "like Tarkan" in Latin America, due to a starring role in Turkish TV drama "Elif", while in an interview with physician Canan Karatay, the Hürriyet columnist Ayşe Arman said the 75 year-old lady doctor, who advises the nation on their eating habits, had the aura of Tarkan.

Arman had the opportunity to interview Tarkan twice in her career, in 2001, and in Dubai in 2006. She also presented him with a best male pop singer gong during an awards ceremony in 2011 voted by Hürriyet readers.

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