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Monday, February 19, 2007

More Tarkan Deluxe Talk

Valerie, in Hawaii, USA, writes:

Aloha, Ali!

Thank you for adding my comments to your blog and pointing out Tarkan's comment on Hawaii.

I found an online petition regarding Tarkan's official site and signed it with a few comments. I don't know if it would be feasible for you to mention it on Tarkan Deluxe but Tarkan could sure use better promotion in my opinion since he is SO unknown in the USA which just boggles my mind after seeing him on YouTube. I have copied and pasted my "signature and comment" and provide the link to the petition.

Tarkan should be better known in the USA. I urge his manager/associates to more actively promote this most talented singer to USA Talk shows and A&E, the Biography Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Oprah Show, the Tonight Show. More English on the Tarkan sites. Tarkan deserves to be shared with the US in a much more PROACTIVE way. More tours. Have a concert in the USA, PLEASE since I cant go to Rotterdam. I was amazed at his talent. Thank God for YouTube. Please PROMOTE Tarkan. Thank you.

Even this petition isn't very promoted. I found it inadvertantly, lol, rather like I discovered Tarkan's music.

Thank you for listening. I am reading more of your blog, with your poetry, and excellent philosophy. God bless you and yours in 2007. My aloha to you.

Your comments are as always most welcome. Even though I have posted this up as you requested, I must admit that it isn't a petition I have signed or will sign. I'll try to explain why.

The object of the petition is a worthy one, and it's aim is something I have been hoping upon hope for - for ages. Should any offical domain or source of Tarkan's Internet presence finally start treating itself a little less seriously and the fans seriously enough to use it as a vehicle to truly connect with the fans (and not just as some promotional page every time a new album comes out) - I'll be the first to applaud.

However, there is a simple solution to it really - including your gripe about recognition in America too - Tarkan should replace his management and PR team with his loyal fans. He should hire people like you at the grass roots level to spread the word about his music, and hire a few of the many fans that manage forums in the Tarkan community to design and manage his dot com domain; now that I'd petition for - any day of the week.


Eman from Kuwait writes:

I am 19 years old and a big fan of TARKAN, and I want to really know everything about Tarkan.

I won't pretend that you'll find out everything about Tarkan, but I try to appease the hunger of Tarkan lust for those that surf on by here with the "About Tarkan Main Index" page. I hope you find it useful.


Debra writes:

Do you know please if Tarkan's Come Closer album will be out on a DVD? I enjoy the visual because I am a little deaf. Many thanks.

Sorry Debra, but Tarkan products do not extend to visual DVDs at the time of this post apart from bootleg DVDs. When official DVDs do appear on the market, I'll update the relevant information and let you know. Alternatively, why don't you become a part of the Tarkan community? You'll find out quicker that way when Tarkan's "DVD-Day" comes - as it were.


E.v.E from the Netherlands writes:

I am looking for Tarkan's songs especially the remixes and videos but I have problems in finding them - we don't have them here - same with the videoclips...

I have answered a similar question before regarding music downloads. In regards to the availability of Tarkan's music on the Net, as long as someone is willing to make a legal purchase, it really shouldn't be an issue. I have purchased and downloaded Tarkan CDs and special edition LPs with remixes legally through Amazon, Ebay, MSN Music, iTunes, Music Stack and many other sites.

For example, do you have Windows Media Player? Click on your local music store online from there and search for Tarkan. Or walk out into the real world and go to any Dutch store and ask for them to order Tarkan's latest single or album. If you can't find his songs in general Dutch shops - then try one of the various Turkish markets in the larger cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague or Amsterdam. I even found one in the little village of Helmond. You're in one of my favourite places in the world - the Netherlands - and I remember I purchased my Hüp single from one of the annual Turkish open markets in Beverwijk when I was in there last. Transport is so easy with your excellent public services.

However, if you don't want Tarkan's songs badly enough to pay for them, that's another matter - unfortunately one which I can't help you with.

See also:


P.R from Singapore writes,

I came across your blog recently while searching for a good resource for Tarkan on the Net, and I instantly loved it - not only because it is very comprehensive about Tarkan info but the most intelligent blog I've come across so far on the Net. Each entry never fails to leave me with some thought to ponder on. Thank you so much. :)

I've mentioned you as a "Noteworthy blog" and here's what I had to say:

This blog is starlingly insightful and thought-provoking. It's not just a resource for fans of Turkish singer Tarkan- the blogger, Ali Yildirim, also talks about world issues in an informed and objective way, while still retaining his personal opinion.

It's quite amazing. Because as I've surfed the Net, I've come across blogs that attempt to be be objective, but eventually succumb to cynicism and sarcasm - and at the extreme, blogs that are biased, bigoted or just plain vulgar. No doubt some of these blogs may have valid points that they raise, but it's when you come to blogs like Tarkan DeLuxe that you feel so refreshed at the clarity of expression, and above all, the honesty and sincerity.


Andreas T., a writer from Athens, Greece comments:

I came across your blog when another blogger wrote how one of your posts "struck a nerve" with her. Clicking on the link I found myself reading your "Soul Supermarket" entry. I have to confess I never read anything like it. I then read your whole life manual. Your "Turn the Page" was illuminating. I found myself realising that I had sat at my desk for almost three whole hours reading your insights, and that my life was changing. I am going to implement your tips for better living. I'll let you know how it goes, but I already know it will work.

I want to quote what the blogger said in her post:

the soul supermarket is free and abundant. it's too bad that such a small minority cruises its aisles.

You are helping fill those empty spaces. Thank you.


Dessi N. comments:

Thank you so much for creating the Tarkan lyrics portal and especially for the translations which I can't find anywhere else :) You seem to be a very interesting and complex person and it's nice to know that there is someone out there who has that perspective on life.


Simon Clegg from Loquela Education Online writes,

Great site! My foreign language students would be very interested. You can promote your website in one of my forums for free if you wish.

Thank you for your generous offer, that isn't necessary, however I'll gladly link your site as another resource for learning Turkish online. I've added it here.


Sam in America writes:

Stumbled across your website after doing a search to find some photos of Tarkan to send to someone in Malaysia. Have definitely bookmarked it. Wonderful site! I look forward to exploring it, esp. your list of movies and the two books I haven't read on your book list on your profile page. (Yuck, is Beckett really worth reading?? I read Pamuk's Red a couple of years ago). Also you mentioned some singers I had never heard of, so ... must look into that too.

Anyway, .... just curious: do you know offhand if it is possible to buy Tarkan calendars? Is he still making them? I came across some photos from one on the internet and would love to have them or newer ones. Searched Ebay without success, but perhaps they are only available in Turkey?

And do you know how tall he is? (I suspect, not very).

Do you have relatives on mainland Turkey or has your family been centered on Cyprus for generations?

Tarkan calendarsOn the issue of Tarkan calendars, to my knowledge there have been three "official" ones - a 2000 edition printed in Europe by Danilo (in Turkish, German and English) and two in Turkey, 2002 and 2006 (see the left pic) - but no company publishes one every year. The two Turkish ones were not made available for retail, but were promotions for phone companies Turkcell and Avea respectively - so keep checking Ebay, they may pop up some day as curios to buy. The 2002 Turkcell-Hazır Kart calendar pictures have been posted at the photoblog Tarkan Visual.

About Tarkan's height: If you surf across the various sites the information on Tarkan's height ranges from 1.72 to 1.76, however in a 2001 newspaper interview he said his height was 1.73.

<< For more questions and answers about Tarkan see the Tarkan Q & A.

As to your last question: My family lineage has notched up over half a century of history on the island of Cyprus. I have relatives via marriage (to my brother) living in Istanbul. He relocated there along with another of my brothers from the UK. The remainder of my immediate family resides in the UK, apart from my parents who have have retired to Cyprus, where my wider family unit lives.

Want to read more about my life? >>

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