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Saturday, January 26, 2008

No Slowing Down

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Signing Day at D&R Kanyon

Tarkan with fans at Kanyon D&R
In the timeless city of Istanbul yesterday, during the early hours of the afternoon, long lines of mostly young female fans queued up for hours outside Kanyon's D&R store to catch a glimpse of Turkey's most loved singer, Tarkan.

Turkish papers report how, when the singer appeared, the thousand strong crowd began to shout title tracks from his old albums to greet him. Some reportedly shouted, "Ölürüm sana Tarkan" (I'd die for you/I'm crazy for you), while others caught everyone's attention by calling out "Seviş benimle Tarkan" (make love to me) - a track from his 1994 album, A-acayipsin.

Previously planned to be held in the first week of January, but postponed due to weather conditions, Tarkan seemed very happy after the completion of the signing day, which lasted approximately two hours, although others have reported it much longer*.

"I'm really happy because you didn't leave me alone today. I thank you all individually. It really pleased me to get thoughts on my album from my fans," he said to the crowd.

Digital Downloads Surpass a Million Sales

Meanwhile it's been reported that music downloads at Tarkan supported TTNetMüzik passed the 700,000 mark in 15 days, and in over 30 days has now surpassed 1 million downloads, emphasising that there is a consumer market in Turkey for digital music.

The news stories also underpin the fact that Tarkan's albums - including his new one which has been offered for free to TTNet consumers for a limited time - are the most downloaded at the online portal that houses nearly 100,000 Turkish songs in its database.

Tarkan took part in the press conference for the opening of TTNetMüzik, which was hosted at Istanbul's Doğus OtoMotion on 3 January, hailing Turkish music into the digital age and taking the first practical step in combating music piracy.

Music Channels Picking Up "Vay"

As Tarkan's music video "Vay Anam Vay" continues its rotation on Turkish music channels, music sites online have begun to host the star's video, too.

Tarkan has already managed to get to number one on PowerTurk FM for radio airplay with his song, while on the website for its TV station, voting has started for the music video, with Tarkan currently in second place.

Meanwhile, the Turkish subsidiary of MTV has added the music video to its website, with nearly three thousand views already. MTV Türkiye has also added the video to its play list open to its members to vote for it.

Plus, Turkish media blog TarkanPLUS is supporting these activities by allowing its readers direct access to the viewing and voting pages, so that Tarkan fans can have their say and support their star.

MTV Türkiye's "Top Ten At Ten" slot had recently seen friends Tarkan and Kenan Doğulu go head-to-head, with Tarkan coming out on top in the battle of the music videos, with his latest clip.

The European Drive

And Tarkan still shows no signs of slowing down, as he gets ready for the European release of his Metamorfoz album in Germany at the beginning of next month.

Slated to be released on 1 February, Amazon Germany has already released details of the European version of the album, which is set to be an "enhanced" version to its domestic release - possibly including the "Vay" video. Update

Concerts section now up at TarkancomFinally, there is an update to the Turkish version of Tarkan's official site. The credits section has been replaced by a concerts section, with the album credits moved to the Metamorfoz section.

The concerts section as yet only shows two concerts in Baku, Azerbaijan, and as yet hasn't confirmed the Wembley showing in London, UK, or the two festivals in Turkey and Russia at time of writing.

* UPDATE: While Turkish paper Sabah reported the event lasting for two hours, its affiliate TV station ATV aired a news report by Ilke Gürman reporting that the signing event at Kanyon's D&R store lasted much longer, up to "a record-breaking" 5 hours and 15 minutes.
Tarkan's signing day on ATV news

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