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Monday, July 09, 2007

Open Letters

An "open letter" from IndianGirl in Australia:

Please post this letter. This is really important to Tarkan and all his fans:

My discovery of Tarkan was very strange (I knew his famous kiss song, but I did not take notice of his looks probably because he was at his best in that song). I was actually listening to Enrique's music on YouTube, and was reading some of the comments, in which some one called him handsome. In reply to this, another person said, "You haven't seen Tarkan yet!". That's it! I am stuck with Tarkan's fever for rest of my life. When I immediately typed his name in YouTube, and watched his three songs ("Verme", "Kuzu Kuzu" and "Hüp"), I fell in love with his angelic eyes, his model-looks and most importantly his singing talent. I thought "what a great recipe for success!" You wouldn't believe, but since then I watch those videos EVERY DAY. Seeing him, my knees go weak.

It is so unusual of me to even write this "fan-mail". Obviously this shows how much of Tarkan's imprints are in my brain cells. I sincerely think that you are doing a great favor to all of us (especially to us girls) by reaching out to all Tarkan's fans. I can only hope that my message gets to him in some form or the other.

Tarkan is losing his charm and I don't understand why he is letting it go especially when God gave him that wonderful charm and angelic voice, and most importantly he has worked for it so hard. I am genuinely concerned I'm trying to drive home some key points by way of making some constructive suggestions, which apparently none of his PR team mates are good at. He should actually sack them.

Open Letter to Tarkan:

Dear Tarkan, I have some suggestions for you, which I think you could take them on board:

1) Tarkan, it may sound a bit superficial but couldn't be truer in the entertainment industry. You have exceptionally good singing talent. But staying fit also counts. I sincerely hope that you will get back to your outstanding hunky self that you were, in early 2000s (you were at your best in "Verme", "Kuzu Kuzu" and "Hüp"). Trust me, it will suit the psyche of western fan base especially when great singer like you can not only deliver the goods, but is also a stunner. Look at Enrique, he can't even sing half as well as you, but still he could attract the US, UK and Australian markets. Reason? He has those oriental looks that he preserves.

2) Please sack your dress designer. If you want your aura to penetrate into the overseas markets, you HAVE to change your dressing style. Whoever is helping you with your outfits really lacks taste and is doing you the least favor.

3) People can be very forgetful. It is very easy to lose one's charm in the eyes of public unless they make constant effort to stay in public limelight. At the very least, you have to update your web site very regularly. This is your biggest weapon.

I sincerely wish you the very best from the bottom of my heart and I hope you take my suggestions in a constructive way. The last thing I want is, hurting you. My instincts are saying that you will read this mail, who knows, sitting in your New York pad. Anything can happen! I wish I were in NY, I would then hunt you down! I am an Indian girl living in Sydney, Australia (can't believe Bollywood would steal your songs!).

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T in Texas, USA, writes:

I heard Tarkan wrote a song for the new popster Murat Boz, thought I would check it out, not a bad album ("Dönemem" is my fave track). I decided to see what fan clubs there were and joined an interactive fan club on Google.

A lot of the members only have bad things to say about my divine Mr T, but what's worse they were exchanging info on the best free sites to download Murat Boz's music and Tarkan's too, I had to address this issue as I am so against piracy.

They didn't seem to care or understand the fact that they are actually stealing off the singer they hold so dear, and that they affect sales numbers, they actually thought it is OK, I am lost on this one. I tried to explain that free downloading if the same as some one stealing some of their pay check, their answer was Murat is rich and Tarkan is rich and it is OK!

After I wrote a really long email to then explaining about piracy is not only stealing, but the effect it has on album sales which can lead to lack of sponsorship allowing their favourite star to perform concerts so they can see him live. The poor things have all apologised to me, from what I read from them it was mainly through ignorance and an difficulty in getting music in Russia and Romania, etc. But I have given them 3 different websites that deliver worldwide that have been tried and tested by me. I told them I have even gotten a Tarkan CD from China!! Just took a lot of looking online. They have promised me they will not upload and download any more music via the website, which is what they were doing. So hopefully I have helped a little.

I really appreciate the honesty I find on your site, you could fill the page with garbage every day but you don't. Thank you for doing such a good job. I also bought the Sibel Can album as Tarkan had his input on that too, quite like "Çakmak Çakmak" and a couple of other tracks too, and I only bought both albums neither of which I had heard as Tarkan had a song on both, I am proud to call myself a Tarkan fan and one day I will see him in concert.

See also:

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A request from M.S. in Istanbul, Turkey:

Please translate this into English and post to your blog. I want to say thanks for what you did in Barış Akarsu's name. When you wrote "a man of the earth" and that he was "one with the air, water and sun" it made my hairs stand on end. I thought you know him, because this is what he believes and how he would want us to grieve for him.

Please don't print my name, but I know Barış very well. I don't say "knew". I will never say that. For this means he has been forgotten. I was watching a Turkish movie the other day and a girl on the point of dying asks her loved one, "When I die where will you bury me?" The man replies, "In my heart so you will never die." I believe that Barış is buried in our hearts, so he will live on.

Did you read in the news that Sezen Aksu sent Barış's parents a letter with a copy of Khalil Gibran's poem "Speak to us of children"? I want to tell you that it's true, I saw the letter myself. Please publish this poem, too, if you can.

I also invite you to come to Bodrum. A Turkish sculptor is offering to make a statute of Barış for free to be erected in Bodrum. We have permission from the council, and hope to find a suitable place. If it all goes well, please come to the ceremony we hope to hold for the unveiling of the statute. I will let you know if this happens.

Thank you again for closing your blog for so many days out of respect for Barış. If only I had enough words to tell you that he did deserve so much more. He wasn't driving that night, it was one of the girls, and she had only got her driving licence three months before, though I'm not blaming her or anyone in any way. He was always a careful driver, and one of the most decent human beings I have ever met in my life.

He was truly like [his surname] akarsu (water flows). Pure, clean, simple with tremendous energy, I will celebrate knowing him for the rest of my life.

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