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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tarkan Ready for Legal Action

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's press statement at his official siteIn an update to Tarkan's official site, the star's legal representative Yunus Egemenoğlu has released a press statement condemning yet another recent news broadcast about the artist that claims the artist is "stealing" the Turkish taxpayer's money once more.

The 22 April dated press release criticises long-term news anchorman Uğur Dündar's prime time news slot aired by national station Star TV on 21 April for using Tarkan to gain ratings by mixing lie and conjecture again.

Tarkan and his projects with Turkish state broadcaster TRT have come under false criticism, with certain media channels trying to portray the artist as misappropriating the taxpayer's money because of the TRT's public funding.

Tarkan's New Year showDue to the circulation of media speculation about the artist's fee for his appearance on the TRT's New Year show, the state broadcaster was forced to release a statement to explain that sponsors and not the TV station had covered the artist's fee, which had been considerably less than the exorbitant amounts claimed in the media.

Now, in an attempt to throw a shadow over the planned TRT 30th year celebrations, the same speculations have arisen over Tarkan's appearance for the Turkish International Children's Day festival in Antalya, with speculations over how much the artist is being paid.

Meanwhile, Turkish papers report that the head of the TRT and Tarkan's laywer called a press conference in Antalya today to publicly deny allegations put forward by the offending news broadcaster and to warn that the star - who has patiently endured all the false allegations since December 2007 - is now ready to take the concerned parties to court unless they retract their previous false reports.

"Even with the passing of so many months, why this production continues to try and mislead the public under the banner of news, and moreover to repeat these lies in respect to the 23 April celebrations, is a mystery to us," Egemenoğlu is reported to have said.

Sections of the Turkish press have been trying to negatively portray the artist in the media ever since the release of his 2007 album Metamorfoz, in the hope to dent his public image.

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