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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tarkan Bilge Split Update

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan and BilgeA popular entertainment news portal has published details of Tarkan and Bilge Öztürk's "farewell dinner" at Istanbul's Vogue restaurant, aired by Turkish channel ATV's weekly late night entertainment show Özel Hat last Tuesday.

Reporters having surprised the couple out to dinner, believing that Tarkan and his girlfriend of seven years were out in a show of togetherness, were surprised themselves when the couple came out after their dinner and decided to reveal to the waiting paparazzi that they had in fact separated.

UPDATE: Watch the TV report >>

Describing the meal as a "farewell dinner", Tarkan revealed that he had ended his seven-year relationship with Öztürk, stressing that it had been a joint decision after months of trying to make it work, while the cameras captured a dignified, but a teary-eyed Öztürk beside the Turkish pop star.

No Separation Without Tears

Tarkan and BilgeIn response to making the difficult decision to split and Öztürk's puffed-up eyes, Tarkan quoted the opening lyrics of his "Dudu" song, in that no separation is without tears, and no one loved is ever forgotten.

The Turkish pop star went on to explain that they had decided to "remain friends", but that they wanted to "go their own ways for a while".

Öztürk added that when faced with questions from the press, she couldn't give an answer one way or another, because they wanted to release a statement only after speaking to each other first.

<< Read the press statement

"So that's why a lot of things was written about us [in the papers]. And we were upset about that. Life brought us to this point. What will happen now? I'm curious, too," she said.

Tarkan continued, stressing that, "Because we couldn't say anything definite a lot of speculation was made, as though we were seeing other people. After being with someone for seven years would I do that? And let me say, the reason for our split isn't down to the stories in the press either. We're not people that would split up on what others say. The press wrote Bilge's pressuring me into marriage separated us, but that isn't true either. Maybe the real problem in this relationship was me. I have to give my all to my work, because I'm an artist..."

The Turkish pop star had a final request for the press not to "upset Bilge".

"We've had a long, loving, decent relationship, and I don't want it's memory tarnished. I want us to be remembered well. Plus, don't upset this beautiful person, when you see her with someone else don't rush to assume she is out with a new man. Don't upset her, or you'll have me to answer to!"

Future Projects

Pressured to respond to questions about future projects, Tarkan didn't want to say much except to mention the new song he has penned for Turkish nature conservation society, the Doğa Derneği.

Correcting some stories that had wrongly published the song was about a dam project - where he had decided to reveal the song at a press conference about the dam - the song is about the environment in general, as Tarkan Deluxe previously published, and not specific to the dam project itself.

The artist also confirmed the name of the song as "Uyan", and the collaboration with Orhan Gencebay for the "folk-song" type track.

Explaining that recording lasted three days, the Turkish pop star revealed he had asked Gencebay for his support as the Turkish male artist has been a favourite of Tarkan's ever since he was boy.

The Turkish pop artist went on to mention plans to release a remix EP in September, but did not confirm that he would be releasing any tracks by Sezen Aksu as some have speculated in the press.

Of Aksu, he did say however, "There is no one like Sezen. I wish her songs were in the works, too. How can I forget "Şımarık" or "Şıkıdım"? The world knows me through those songs. Sezen has always been my queen. Not releasing the songs she gave for [Metamorfoz] were wrongly interpreted as me not wanting or liking them. That's not true. I love her latest album, too."

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