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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tarkan on NTV for Nature [2]

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Along with the exclusive airing of Tarkan's music video to his "earth-song" track "Uyan", Tarkan made a live appearance on Turkish news station NTV's evening news slot tonight.

Talking to NTV's anchorwoman Banu Güven, the Turkish artist appeared alongside Güven Eken, the head of Turkish nature conservation society the Doğa Derneği - with featuring artist Orhan Gencebay taking part by phone call - where Tarkan explained he has always been a lover of nature.

Expressing that he seemed "destined" to pen such a song, Tarkan emphasised he planned to devote the rest of his lifetime to fight for the protection of the planet. "I am Nature's singer, she has been the muse this time... it was my destiny to speak out for our world," he said.

As mentioned yesterday, the Turkish artist appeared live on Turkish TV this evening to promote his new song for Turkish nature conservation society the Doğa Derneği, which was distributed as a promotional single with the first issue of the society's magazine Doğa.

The music video can also been seen at Tarkan's official site and the Doğa Derneği's official site - where the nature conservation society is also inviting people to sign up for their campaign to save Turkey's diminishing natural beauty.

Tarkan Deluxe provides video footage from Tarkan's live appearance as aired on Turkish national news channel NTV for its readers, courtesy of the broadcaster.

Tarkan live on NTV's evening news slot (© NTV)

Looking far more relaxed and in control than his live TRT news appearance, he was also asked about his award-winning Metamorfoz album and future projects and shows.

"Music sales are not what they used to be, but that is a global trend. The success of the album can be understood from the success of my concerts," Tarkan explained, while promising that fans would not have to wait three or four years between albums as they had done during the early part of his career.

The pop artist also mentioned his successful, high octane 2008 Metamorfoz European Tour, and - even though Paris has not been published on any official site's venue list - he spoke of a show in the French capital.

Tarkan Deluxe had previously published that Tarkan's official disc jockey for the tour had contacted the blog to write that there would be a Paris show in December.

UPDATE: The Paris concert was cancelled from the December tour. (November 2009)

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