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Friday, April 17, 2009

TV Reports on Tarkan's Ministerial Meeting

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan shakes hand with Turkish minister for culture and tourism in Ankara, April 2009The meeting between the Turkish Minister for Culture and Tourism, Ertuğrul Günay, and popstar Tarkan in Turkey's capital Ankara - as part of the singer's commitments to Turkish nature conservation society Doğa Derneği, which he had signed up to earlier in 2008 - has been reported on Turkish national television.

Continuing to raise awareness about the building of a dam that could cause the flooding of historical sites to be lost forever and the displacement of the country's minorities, after the Turkish nature society's official site had posted up news about the Ankara meeting Turkish TV stations prepared their own take of Tarkan's trek to the capital.

Different stations offered up different perspectives ranging from broadcasters like news channel NTV focusing on the political aspect to private channel Kanal D's entertainment report about the high profile meeting.

NTV's report speaks of Tarkan putting his words into action in pledging to protect his home nation's cultural and natural heritage by meeting the Turkish minister to ask for his support for Doğa's campaign.

Stating that he didn't want historical artefacts relocated to an open air muesum as in governmental plans for the construction project, "I personally don't want the dam to be built," Tarkan is filmed saying outside the government buildings, holding a press conference after the meeting.

"As a cultural and natural part of our heritage, it's a very special place."

Tarkan meets minister in Ankara, April 2009 (© NTV)

Meanwhile, during talks the NTV footage shows the minister touching on other issues that had to be taken into consideration, but that ultimately "science would make the final decision."

Speaking of the energy that will be generated by the dam, which if built will be the second biggest in the country, the minister said, "Turkey's economical progress in important, but the matter will be dealt with in an air of compromise."

Elsewhere, in the Kanal D magazine report, environmental and political concerns were passed over in favour of focusing on the chaos Tarkan's appearance caused, with civil servants and members of the public queueing up to photograph the popstar.

Showing a different agenda to the day's proceedings, the entertainment report reveals Tarkan more in his element when dealing with public interest, rather than sitting opposite the minister to talk about environmental issues.

Tarkan meets minister in Ankara, April 2009 (© Ensonhaber/Kanal D)

Accompanied by female admirers wanting to speak, photograph and kiss him, Tarkan was welcomed by a large crowd of admirers rather than the minister at the entrance to the building, and it was more of the same as he departed the government buildings, with even security guards taking a break from their duties to film the event.

In the press conference after leaving the minister's offices, Tarkan is filmed singing a few bars of his 2008 song "Uyan", which he specially penned for Doğa, and that he was fighting to save a historic region.

During the talks - where the minister busied himself with the business of the day as workers interrupted the meeting to get autographs - the report focused on the minister of culture and tourism commenting on Tarkan's unbounded energy, and about a performance of the artist's that he had watched with his wife.

"You have great energy," the minister commented to Tarkan, to which the star had smiled.

"I know. I can never sit still," he said.

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