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Friday, June 05, 2009

Tarkan Show Set to Sell Out

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As previously reported at Tarkan Deluxe, Tarkan is set to give a concert in Elazığ, an Eastern Anatolian province in the Turkish region on 7 June - however last minute changes have meant that instead of 2009 Eurovision entrant for Turkey Belgian-born Hadise, Yıldız Tilbe will be appearing alongside the famous pop star.

According to reports in the Turkish press, organiser Alpaslan Çolakoğlu - stating that all tickets have nearly gone for the 7 June show - said that due to last minute changes he had to replace Hadise.

"Tarkan and Hadise were going to come to Elazığ on 7 June. However, because Hadise changed her manager after the Eurovision contest and this didn't suit our arrangements, we had to cancel the contract. We signed Yıldız Tilbe in her place, and we're going to change the billboard posters, too. After we removed Hadise from the concert, 4 people returned their tickets. In response, we've sold far more tickets for Tilbe, and there's an amazing response from neighbouring regions," Çolakoğlu confirmed.

Billboards erected to promote Tarkan's 7 June show in ElazigExplaining that Tarkan's fans alone were enough to fill the stadium, and they had encountered no problems in ticket sales, Çolakoğlu also thanked the governor's office of the province for their support and erecting Tarkan billboards all across the region to promote the show.

"We've had a huge response for Tarkan and Tilbe, and we thank everyone for their support," he said.

Female singer and song-writer Tilbe is no stranger to Tarkan, as she recently revealed in a Turkish TV interview that she had collaborated with Tarkan on two songs for the pop star's highly anticipated follow up album to his 2007 Metamorfoz.

If the songs make the album's final cut it will be the first time they have worked together since the mid-1990s, when they had contributed to each other's releases.

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