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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surprise Support for Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Yildiz Tilbe's MohawkAfter female singer-songwriter Yıldız Tilbe came out in support of Tarkan by sporting a cropped mohawk (pictured left) in response to the commotion caused by the harassed popstar's new hairstyle recently, a female columnist - a name not generally connected with praise for Tarkan - has also come out to back the recording artist.

Writing in her column for Turkish paper Sabah, one-time vociferous Tarkan critic Ayşe Özyılmazel - who was audacious enough to lie about the success of the Istanbul signing day at the Kanyon Mall and make petty attacks about the artist's wardrobe at his Wembley concert last year - has in a surprise move come out in support of Tarkan today.

Expecting this type of support from Turkish Tarkan fans - who were instead quick to ridicule the artist for his bold style - Özyılmazel praised Tarkan for his new look.

"Let others call him Tin Tin ... or the last Mohican. Let them talk. Someone always tries something new, while others just talk."

After having berated the recent comments coming from an anti-Tarkan camp that she was once firmly placed in, the female columnist added she loved Tarkan's look and gave him "ten out of ten" - and, quoting Tarkan's Turkish hairstylist who had also come out in support of the star, she went on to say that Tarkan needs to have fun.

"Names like him need to have fun, be without fear, always try new things so that we can find the courage to do the same."

Front Page News

And while declaring Tarkan's loss of weight as bringing back his sexiness on top form, Özyılmazel added that having Tarkan's hairstyle make front page news in the papers meant that he is a success.

Welcoming Tarkan back to the top of the music league, she ended her article with a look to the future, and what a new style could predict for the star's career.

"My only wish is that for the change, freedom and innovativeness our megastar has shown in his hair, he shows too in his new album.

"We've missed you Tarkan!"

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