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Friday, October 16, 2009

New Song for Tarkan from Aksu's Son?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportTurkish paper Akşam's entertainment section has published an article claiming that Tarkan is getting support from Sezen Aksu's son, Mithatcan, as well as the Turkish diva herself for his follow up album to 2007's Metamorfoz (see left pic).

Headlined as "A Song for Tarkan from Mithatcan", the account published today writes that Tarkan is getting support from the mother-son team, with Tarkan planning to release his first video single to Mithatcan's song, while the production of the other songs are being overseen by Aksu - who is also affectionately known as the "little sparrow" in the Turkish press.

"Feverishly working on his new album, Tarkan has taken a song from Sezen Aksu's son Mithatcan Özer. Working with the owner of the songs that made him a worldwide name, the little sparrow's son will also be supporting him for his latest album. It is the first time the young musician has given an artist a song, whose title is being kept top secret and has the blessing of his mother.

UPDATE: Mithatcan's "Acımayacak" is a hit with the public (2010) >>

"It's been learnt that Aksu has been telling sources close to her that "Mithatcan has done a great song." Behind the scenes all the talk is about Mithatcan's song, which everyone expects to rejuvenate the star," the report states before claiming that Tarkan failed to capture the success he had wanted with his Metamorfoz album.

Repeating the rumour that Tarkan had scrapped his album set to be released in December after Aksu hadn't liked the seven demos she had listened to, the Akşam piece claims that Tarkan binned some songs while re-tuning others - and doesn't miss taking another dig at Tarkan's double award-winning 2007 album.

"As Tarkan continues his efforts to release a new album along with a new image in 2010, he has turned to Sezen Aksu after having written and composed all the tracks for Metamorfoz, because the megastar didn't achieve the success he wanted."

Directly quoting the star, although not giving any sources, the report ends with the claim that Tarkan said, "Sezen scraped one song. She re-tuned the others. We did four new songs.

"The album has been postponed but it's been worth it."

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