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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tarkan Press Headlines

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe presents a round-up of headlines in the Turkish press covering Tarkan over the past two weeks:

Tarkan's Million Dollar Ad Campaign

As previously reported by Tarkan Deluxe, papers have printed that Tarkan has earned a million dollars in an agreement with the recording artist to become the face of fresh citrus products exported from Turkey to Russia for the Citrus Promotion Group, with commercials filmed by Turkish director Ezel Akay.

Known as the "Prince of the East" throughout the continent, the accounts write that Tarkan has sung a Russian folk song in the commercials, whilst peeling an orange and sharing it with people.

To be distributed on national channels, billboards and magazines, the campaign will also host three Tarkan concerts scheduled in three major Russian cities.

Tarkan Top of Turkish Music

Journalist Mehmet Tez - who once called Tarkan Turkey's last greatest star, but has since become a prolific Tarkan critic and recently spoke to Tarkan's long-time friend and producer Ozan Çolakoğlu about Tarkan and their collaborations together - has once again mentioned the popular artist in his column.

Writing in his usual irreverent, tongue-in-cheek style, Tez's 23 October dated article claims that singers who sell the most albums are not the ones most listened to nationwide.

Seemingly ignoring the fact that Tarkan's albums are some of the most bootlegged in the Turkish industry, Tez suggests that top Turkish pop artists like Tarkan only sell the most records because the wealthy and those that can afford to buy albums listen to pop music, whereas most get their music from radio and TV or download them from the internet.

"Leave Pamela, Get to the Songs!"

Published by media portal Haberturk, one time Tarkan aide Rahşan Gülşan has commented in her column about the recent breaking news that US celebrity Pamela Anderson might appear on the cover of a new Tarkan album.

"Our Oben Budak has blown the lid off the news," Gülşan writes of the celebrity reporter that leaked the news on his blog.

"Supposedly Tarkan's going to put Pamela Anderson on the cover of his new album. An interesting idea. But is it necessary? I'm more interested about what his songs are going to sound like ... He can release an album without a cover as far as I'm concerned, I just want the Tarkan we love and know back again!"

The female reporter, after having written a glowing account of one of his Istanbul concerts at the Harbiye in the summer of 2006, had become one of Tarkan's most loudest critics posting articles that had unfairly compared the artist to Michael Jackson's eccentric antics.

"Tarkan's Pop Idol Loved Turkey"

Close friend and collaborator with the late Jackson, Travis Payne - who had worked with Tarkan on his video single for "Bounce" in 2005 - spoke to paper Hürriyet along with Kenny Ortega at the London première for the film directed by Ortega using the last rehearsal footage of the singer that inspired millions, including Tarkan.

Payne is quoted as saying that Jackson loved Turkey, and that he couldn't stop telling people about the country after they had both taken a holiday there together.

"I wish we could have come back to Turkey with Michael together," he said.

In 19 countries around the world, industry figureheads and Jackson fans united for the global première of Michael Jackson's "THIS IS IT", the film made from rehearsal footage of the late King of Pop's ill-fated O2 concert, due to take place earlier this summer in the UK.

Tarkan's Luxury Hotel Addiction

Vatan's variety section writes of Tarkan's "hotel escapades", claiming that, even though the popular artist has a ranch and various houses in Turkey, he prefers to stay in luxury hotels from time to time.

The 25 October dated article reveals that the recording artist's popular haunt is the Les Ottomans Hotel in Istanbul - the hotel where Tarkan had been forced to take sanctuary with his then girlfriend, after a night of being pestered by the local paparazzi in 2007.

"Tarkan Has No Part in My Life"

And finally, Sabah reports that Tarkan's ex-girlfriend of seven years, lawyer and businesswoman Bilge Öztürk, has requested reporters not to ask her about Tarkan any more.

Reportedly having found love in the arms of professional water sportsman Salih Alexander Çakır, news stories quote Öztürk as saying that she and Tarkan were people from "different worlds" now.

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