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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ex-backing Vocalist Backs Tarkan Once Again

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

One time backing vocalist to Tarkan, Murat Boz appeared on Hülya Avşar's talk show on Haberturk's TV station last Wednesday.

During the interview on "Hülya Avşar Soruyor" (Hülya Avşar Asks), the talk inevitably turned around to Tarkan, with the female talk show host asking Boz how it feels to be compared to Turkey's most recognised recording artist.

Making a change from Boz's previous negative comments about Tarkan, it seems the pop singer has decided to take a leaf out of newcomer, and Tarkan protégé, Emir's book, by giving credit to the hand that once fed him.

"I don't get upset by my comparisons to Tarkan. He's our only star that has opened out to the world. He's very important," Boz said in his TV interview.

Explaining such comparisons in the media were inevitable, and that his Tarkan-penned track "Püf" helped fuel the idea, he said that ultimately it was "an honour" to be compared to the star, who had given him advice at the start of his career about the pitfalls in the Turkish music industry.

"At the start of my professional career Tarkan had warned me that all my previous relationships, professional and personal, would change," he said.

Continuing on the subject of Tarkan, host Avşar suggested that the singer wasn't currently as creatively productive as he had been in past years and that some commentators thought his popularity in his home nation had dwindled for spending so much time out of the country, but Boz would not be lead into a discussion, merely stating that there were rumours a new album was on the way.

"Tarkan has a special place in the heart of the Turkish public with his songs, and he is someone who it's impossible to guess what he will do next - so I don't think he is in danger of losing his popularity," was all Boz would say.

Avşar agreed, also adding that the star was a sincere person, whom she loved, but that he had been going through a difficult time personally.

"When he called me up after the [recent] death of my mother, from the sound of his voice he was obviously going through a personal time of difficulty, too," she said.

"But he sounded really genuine and sincere, and I love him for that."

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