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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tarkan News: More December Snippets

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe presents another summary of media snippets relating to Tarkan during the last month of 2009.

First up, paper Yeni Asır has published booking details for Tarkan's much reported New Year show in Antalya, Turkey - being touted by other papers as the only big name celebrity event in the region this December - while paper Hürriyet has added Tarkan as the only Turkish singer in a list of "all-time most erotic songs" to be sung by an artist.

Alongside such provocative songs as Prince's "Do Me Baby" and James Brown's "Sex Machine", the list includes Tarkan's "Seviş Benimle" (Make Love to Me), from his 1994 record A-acayipsin, as an all-time favourite song for the bedroom.

And on the subject of Tarkan's songs is the news that little known Azeri singer Yegane is attempting to raise her profile by bringing out a December release with a cover version of Tarkan track "Istanbul Ağlıyor" from his 2007 Metamorfoz album.

Tarkan's Music is "Missed"

Meanwhile, Entertainment journalist Ali Eyüboğlu has mentioned Tarkan in two of his recent columns for paper Milliyet, published in its variety section Cadde.

In the articles, Eyüboğlu has called Tarkan a perfectionist when it comes to his work, resulting in new releases always being delayed, and has also written about the Turkish Music Performers' Collective Society (MÜYORBİR) - of which Tarkan is a member.

Touching on the recent music awards of radio station Istanbul FM, Eyüboğlu criticised artists that had taken part in the ceremony - like Tarkan's ex-backing singer Murat Boz - while their society was in a legal dispute with the radio station for not paying royalties.

"Isn't it two-faced for these artists to appear for a radio station that refuses to pay their society the royalties to play their songs?

"Aren't you just selling yourself out for an award that wouldn't mean anything if you didn't appear there in the first place?" Eyüboğlu wrote in his column.

Finally, 2009 Istanbul FM award-winning Sabah columnist and one-time vociferous Tarkan critic Ayşe Özyılmazel - who in a surprise move come out in support of Tarkan recently - has in her column printed off a list of her own version of celebrity awards.

Tarkan can be found in the list as the "artist most missed" by Özyılmazel.

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