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Thursday, January 07, 2010

More Tarkan Press Snippets

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsTarkan's name begins to trickle through the Turkish media pages again, ranging from gossip pieces about his favourite pastime being to play car speed games to celebrities speaking about him in their interviews on TV (see left pic).

Collecting snippets from Turkish TV, Televizyon Gazetesi prints a Turkish dance instructor claims that there is no Turkish pop star who can dance - inviting them to come for free lessons - whilst a female singer bemoans her lost opportunity of trying her luck in America, by saying she would have missed her mother too much.

"I sent all my friends, even Tarkan, off to America, but I didn't go, because I didn't want to leave my mother alone," she is quoted to have said.

Meanwhile, in more serious news, financial sections have been writing about the success of Tarkan's fruit campaign, with sales up by 11% in comparison with previous years - citing it as the second exports sector after olive oil to peak so high in the region.

Associating it directly with Tarkan's Russian promotions of citrus fruits, representatives have been quoted as saying that the campaign had already exceeded all expectations early in the first quarter of production, with every intention for the promotions group to build on this success.

Other Press Snippets

Milliyet logoPaper Milliyet has joined the ranks of other media sources to print who they believe Turkish public broadcaster TRT has chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

While Haberturk released an article claiming one-time Tarkan backing singer Murat Boz had been singled out for the chance to go to Oslo, Milliyet writes that rock group maNga have been selected to represent Turkey in Norway this year.

The group - winners of an MTV European Music Award last year - were slated to open for Tarkan at his Wembley concert in London in 2008, but had decided to go on stage and explain why they wouldn't be playing instead.

Elsewhere in Milliyet, lifestyle reporter Sezin Sivri writes that the Red Dragon restaurant in Izmir, Turkey, has successfully introduced the locals to Far East cuisine, with Tarkan listed amongst its notable visitors in her article.

Zaman logoIn an analytical piece by correspondent Şahin Alpay on the rising image of Turkey in the Middle East, he cites the power of cultural diplomacy, including Tarkan's music, to help change the outlook of others towards the Turks.

"In stark contrast to previous decades, Turkey is now looked upon with respect and as an example for others in the poorer regions to follow ... Factors can be listed [such as] Tarkan's songs," Alpay writes.

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