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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Press Snippets: Everyone's a Critic

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportTurkish TV joker Okan Bayülgen - who has once again mentioned Tarkan in his TV show - has this time been criticised himself by a TV critic in Taraf newspaper's Telesiyej column (see left pic).

Quoting Bayülgen as complaining on his show about celebrating Istanbul's title of European culture capital with Tarkan, the column asks whether the talk show host hasn't had his fill of complaining, because it seems viewers have had their fill of listening.

"Is he trying to be ironic or what? No one can tell what he means to say," the article writes.

And elsewhere, as Erkin Usman writing for Yeni Asır contemplates whether the opening of a museum is more important that a Tarkan show in Taksim, Ali Bulaç in his column for Zaman has also touched on the cultural capital's inauguration and Tarkan.

Critical of the amount of money spent on the celebrations, Bulaç draws attention to the mega city's vast problems, and says, "Of course Tarkan energised the thousands in Taksim. Once the capital of the Ottomans ... Europe's second class pop music and musicians ran havoc through it."

Meanwhile, amongst a sport article printing that instead of complaining about a match it would be more worthwhile complaining about the Istanbul celebrations instead and Turkish stylist Kemal Doğulu claiming Tarkan dresses bad, is news of a lesser known Turkish artist having a go at Tarkan to get more press space.

Screencap of reportHaving recently released an album - and been reported as catching Tarkan's Mohawk look - Turkish paper Posta has released quotes from this lesser known singer that targets recording artist Tarkan and other celebrities (see left pic).

"Let see the public's darling Tarkan come out and say a few words about the country if he can, I'm someone who has served his military service full term," the male singer is quoted as saying.

Moving on, Bekir Özgür Aybar, a young music lover taking advantage of the blogging service provided by Milliyet for its readers has blogged about Tarkan again after having criticised the singer for working during the winter holiday.

However this time, Aybar praises Tarkan and criticises Turkish rock group maNga over the news they are to represent Turkey in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Norway.

Titled "Manga drowns in their flap at fame", Aybar suggests that the group's musical philosophy should be against such contests, and the only reason they are participating is for their own selfish ends.

"MaNga couldn't be like Tarkan [who refused to go]. While Tarkan, who in my opinion is Turkey's leading name in pop music, had said no to a competition where he would have "been judged by silly juries and politics", they who say they make the critical and rebellious music of this country jumped at the chance.

"The need to be famous has surpassed the pride of representing the country a long time ago," Aybar quips.

Finally, established singer and songwriter Kayahan - who had criticised Tarkan's critics in 2008 - mentioned Tarkan again in a recent interview published by Star Gazete to say Tarkan was one of the few highest selling Turkish artists.

In another report last November, Kayahan had also talked about the popular singer, stating that he would be happy to compose for Tarkan.

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