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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Supporting Tarkan in Difficult Times

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Sabah has published an interview with Nil Özalp, who has recently released her first solo album, and in it she talks about the recent rumours that she and Tarkan are an item and his help during the making of her record - where she spelt her name with a double 'L' as in numerology it is said to bring her luck.

Admitting that backing from Tarkan and Turkish singer/songwriter Serdar Ortaç helped raised the profile of her début album, she went on to say that Tarkan amazed her.

"I've seen a lot of people in the studio. But I've never seen anyone give so much attention to detail like him. He truly deserves his success. Working with him I felt that this is what a real megastar is like," Sabah quoted her as saying.

Nil Ozalp

And as for any rumours about a romantic involvement, she said: "Stories like this had popped up before. I had replied back then. I don't want to be someone that talks about their love life. The album is still new, and while talking about the album I don't want to suddenly be news because of my private life. If I say anything on this subject it's going to bring it all up again.

"This sort of news between two single people is normal. My new album is coming out. Tarkan has given me a song. It's not an everyday thing. Last year during the studio stage rumours like this had been banded about. Now the album is out, the gossips must have said let's bring this out on to the table again..."

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When asked whether she had supported Tarkan during his arrest and detention following an anti-drug sting, Özalp said, "Of course I supported him.

"I was constantly with his family. The day he was released I was at court. We were by his side as much as possible, they were really difficult times.

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"What friends do for one another, we did for Tarkan. We speak on the phone. We work in the studio. We haven't been spotted at the places we go to, but we go out together, too," she said.

Özalp - who had been mixed up in love rumours with Turkey's megastar last year - took the first step of her solo career this month with the first video single to "Acıkolik", a Tarkan penned track that lends its name to the album.

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