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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Press Snippets: More Reports in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Two-Year Relationship with Tarkan

Screencap of reportNews portal Beyaz Gazete has re-published a report by paper Sabah with female singer Nil Özalp, who has finally admitted that she had a two-year relationship with Tarkan, which ended a month and a half ago.

Özalp - who had been mixed up in love rumours with Turkey's megastar last year - took the first step of her musical solo career this year with a video single to "Acıkolik", a Tarkan penned track that lent its name to her album.

In the interview re-printed by Beyaz Gazete, Özalp states that she had first met Tarkan eight years ago through his long-term producer Ozan Çolakoğlu, and that it was by sheer coincidence that they met again through Çolakoğlu again a few years ago.

She says that they didn't hide their relationship, and went everywhere together, but because they were not photographed together and did not make any public statements, people were not sure whether they were an item or not.

"Our love lasted two years and it ended 1.5 months ago ... Rumours about us came out after my album. I didn't want to make the headlines like that ... as some would think it was just a strategic campaign to get myself heard... Now, I'm speaking [about it] for the first and last time."

Özalp also explains that she was currently not seeing Tarkan, but they shared many common points and would always be special to her.

"He will always be my closest friend," she says.

A Lifetime Commitment

A celebrity portal writes that Turkish singer-songwriter Serdar Ortaç has mentioned Tarkan in relation to the short postponement of Tarkan's 2010 album.

"You have to work [on an album] until you're happy, that's just the way it is ... It's a lifetime commitment ... And that's what [Tarkan] is waiting for," Ortaç is reported as saying.

In Other Reports

Paper Hürriyet's variety section Kelebek has run an interview with female singer Banu Zorlu, where she states that from the recently released material currently out she liked Tarkan, while another female singer Aydan Kaya has said in a Kelebek report that she has sang a duet with a Arabic singer said to be "the Tarkan of his region".

And music producer Ozan Doğulu has featured in a Kelebek article where he talks about his latest album and Tarkan. Doğulu's album holds two Tarkan classics re-sung by the megastar himself and rearranged by Doğulu.

In the report, the music producer is quoted as saying that Tarkan asked Doğulu to add his track "Unutmamalı" (A-acayipsin, 1994) to the album.

Meanwhile, in Hürriyet's financial sections, a report on a genus of plant believed to have rejuvenating properties - a species of Physalis or groundcherry known as "Gold Strawberry" in Turkey - mentions Tarkan.

In the article, a Turkish importer of the much-sought after plant says that they had "heard Tarkan was using gold strawberry," with their supply unable to match the sudden spike in demand.

It has been said that Tarkan, known for his history of high cholesterol, has been using the product as it is thought to lower cholesterol.

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