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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Press Snippets: No Stopping Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsIn another update to the recent news published by Turkish news wires that Tarkan has been named on a drug indictment which could see the music artist face a possible jail sentence, the media across Europe continues to run with the news, while leading Turkish-American web portal TurkishNY has posted an article mentioning Tarkan on a subject other than drugs (see left pic).

German e-zine Laut ("Sound") has updated its files on the singer by adding the recent claims of a custodial sentence pending for the pop star, while Luxembourg's most popular newspaper the Luxemburger Wort has also posted up that the threat of imprisonment hangs over the singer, who has notched "up to 19 million records sold" to date.

Last month, Tarkan had been taken into custody by police for questioning after a six month anti-drug operation, and had been released on bail after his name was reportedly found on the lists of arrested drug dealers.

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Elsewhere, the leading Turkish-American web portal TurkishNY has posted an article about this year's Philadelphia Turkish Festival, without failing to mention that last year three thousand Turks had attended the festivities, which included a walk and carnival floats that had played songs from Tarkan.

In Other Sunday Posts

Screencap of reportsBack on the subject of drugs, three more sites in the Europe have picked up last Thursday's news story on the possibility of an impending custodial sentence for Tarkan today (see left pic).

The music blog Jamioo, based in Hamburg, Germany, has updated its site with the news that Turkish prosecutors in Istanbul have put Tarkan's name on a drug indictment with 16 other suspects, while portals in Austria and Belgium have published the reports coming out of the Turkish press as well.

Belgian site Showbizzsite and Austrian RegioNews have both added the news reports of Tarkan's current situation after being arrested in suspicion of drug trafficking and possession, commenting on the impact of Tarkan spending time behind bars.

The Sexy Ways of Turkish Pop

Screencap of reportMoving on finally, in a photogallery prepared by Özgür Çakır for Turkish paper Sabah titled "Turkish pop's sexy ways!", the sex factor in Turkish pop music is examined, with a look back at its most sexiest proponents.

"When compiling a list if sexy singers and songs it's unthinkable to forget to put his name down," Çakır writes of Tarkan in the piece (see left pic).

"Even if in recent years outside of his live concert performances it's debatable whether his songs and videos are as sexy as they used to be, Tarkan has many songs that have exploded onto Turkish pop music. His live performances still give young girls in Turkey the feeling that they're standing face to face with a god.

"When we look back, the first song to come to mind is "Hepsi Senin mi?" (a.k.a "Şıkıdım" A-acayipsin, 1994). But even if not as popular as "Hepsi Senin Mi", the words to his track "Seviş Benimle" (Make Love to Me) [from the same album] stand out.

"In the song's lyrics Tarkan says: 'I want to be shamed by your words/Make love to me, fight with me/Let's join with each other/Don't put a stop to the night/There's no stopping...'" Çakır writes.

You can read Ali Yildirm's full English translation of "Seviş Benimle" at Tarkan Translations.

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