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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Press Snippets: Trappings of Fame

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsTurkish paper Sabah's English language version has carried the news of the possibility the artist "might be facing a two-year jail sentence", while in its Turkish sections it mentions Tarkan in a photogallery of those artists that have fallen into the trappings of fame by using drugs (see left pic).

The news about a two-year jail sentence for Tarkan, which has shot through the press in Turkey and across her borders like wildfire, has found a place in Sabah's English sections, too, with the write up saying that the singer is being "faced with a request he be sentenced to serve up to two-years in prison" for buying, being in possession of and for using drugs.

Tarkan had been released from detention on 1 March after being arrested on 26 February under suspicion of using illicit drugs.

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"An investigation conducted by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office into 17 suspects, including pop singer Tarkan, has been completed. The indictment prepared by Istanbul Public Prosecutor Emin Ateşağaoğlu has been delivered to the high criminal court.

"The indictment requests Tarkan receive one to two years imprisonment, however, in accordance [with the related law], it was [suggested that a sentence for the artist to] receive drug rehabilitation treatment [be requested, while he] may also be eligible for parole," Sabah writes.

And in Sabah's Turkish sections, the paper provides a rogues gallery of artists that have used drugs as a "side effect" to fame - with the inclusion of Tarkan.

"Megastar Tarkan's name was linked with drugs. The famous pop star's fans were shocked at the news. Taken into custody under suspicion of using drugs, he was released," the caption writes.

In Other Reports

Screencap of reportsElsewhere, two unconnected reports also mention Tarkan - German Weiler paper Der Westallgäuer and a Turkish news agency report on a teacher suffering from cancer (see left pic).

Der Westallgäuer's report "Between Folk Songs and Michael Jackson" covers 23 April celebrations by Turks, which is the international day of the sovereignty of Turkey celebrated annually as a large child festival.

"The first impressions that one experiences upon entering the old gymnasium this day is the aroma of exotic food, music from Tarkan to the Turkish national anthem, and children in teeming colourful dresses," the article begins.

Meanwhile, a retired teacher suffering from cancer has made a plea to Turkish artists via Turkish news wires to help him campaign for money for his medical fees.

"I call on artists like ... Tarkan to support me," he is quoted as saying.

Moving on, İsmet Çiğit, editor of regional online newspaper Özgür Kocaeli - who asked the local powers to get Tarkan to perform at an important festival in the region - complains about the state of the local market in a recent article.

"I want the local market to beat the competition from the large supermarkets, but they are not going to attract customers by simply blaring out Tarkan's music full volume," he says.

And finally, celebrity portal Gecce and the English daily Today's Zaman have reports with Greece's entrant to this year's Eurovision Song Contest, who mentions Tarkan in a discussion on Turkish music.

While Gecce's article writes that the singer listens to Tarkan, "My father is also a singer. When I was a kid he used to listen to much Turkish music ... We're similar, in our music, in our minds; we like the same things. We have the same style ... Tarkan, he’s good, too," the Greek singer is quoted as saying in Today's Zaman.

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