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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Press Snippets: Show Your Face Baby

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsTurkish papers Sabah and Akşam have followed Hürriyet's lead to report on Tarkan's 2010 May song "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike").

Headlines from both articles focus on the cover art, which pictures the back of Tarkan's head, rather than the song, with Akşam headlining its article as "Tarkan's Got No Face" - a play on words that could also mean the artist's feels shame as a nod to recent drug case (see left pic).

Meanwhile, Sabah's headline implores Tarkan to "Turn around baby, let me see your face" playing on Tarkan's 1994 song "Dön Bebeğim" ("Come Back Baby") - the track from his second album A-acayipsin.

And as Akşam focuses on the back story of the song, rumoured that the lyrics were discovered in a bin two months after the death of lyricist Aysel Gürel and sent to Tarkan in 2008, Sabah writes that this song isn't a single, but a tester to public reaction.

Screencap of Oben Budak's tweetsElsewhere, the news that the song is a taster of things to come was confirmed in the tweets of music commentator Oben Budak - who had delivered the breaking news in 2009 that US celebrity Pamela Anderson had met up with Tarkan during a photo shoot.

Currently away in America, Budak had first shown disappointment in the song, until he realised it was only to gauge public reaction (see left pic) of a 2010 Tarkan album described as being a "true mosaic", in the HITT press release distributed before the track reached the radio airwaves yesterday.

And finally, moving on to end with a funny anecdote, is a piece from a writer for local online news site Yalovamiz from northwestern Turkey. Alper Rodoplu talks about the bane of every young boy's life of sounding like a girl when they speak as they grow up and wait for their voice to break, outlining an embarrassing situation he lived through in his teenage years.

"My voice used to sound like a girl's on the phone. It would drive me mad, I was really sensitive about it. Think about it, taking your first steps towards becoming a man, while eighty percent of the people you speak to on the phone think you're a girl. For example, I'd call Yalova FM, and request a song for my sweetheart. I'd leave my message and put the phone down.

"A while later there'd be an announcement that would go something like this: "Now going from Miss Alper to Neslihan. "Asla Vazgeçmem" from Tarkan". Oi! Does Alper sound like a girl's name, and what makes her a miss? Apart from that is Miss Alper so crazy that she is going to send Neslihan a love request and announce on radio a lesbian relationship in such a small place like Yalova?" he writes.

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