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Monday, May 17, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan at Last!

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

"I Apologise to Tarkan!"

Bugün correspondent Aykut Işıklar has written an account where he has "apologised" to Tarkan and all the other celebrities whose lifestyle he has criticised from his column.

Touching upon a political scandal currently headlining in Turkey about the resignation of an opposition party leader after apparently having been secretly taped in an extra-martial liaison, Işıklar writes that in the face of corrupt politicians, corrupt celebrities harm no one but themselves.

"And now I'm publicly [apologising to those male celebrities] like Tarkan whom I've harshly criticised for years for not being a good role model for the public ... I apologise in the name if the press ... No one chose you to be role models... As individuals you worked hard to be where you are today. Whose business is it what you do [in your private lives]?

"I repeat, I apologise to you..."

"Do Your Job Well"

Paper Akşam correspondent Ali Saydam has touched upon Tarkan's latest release "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") from the artist's as-yet unreleased 2010 album, to state the only real solution for anything is to do your job well - also indicating the current political scandal making the headlines in Turkey.

"We are the best in the world at tearing apart our stars, with our latest victim being Tarkan. I'm not talking about the legal process, but the approach of our celebrity press.

And it's not only their treatment of Tarkan...I mean we completely knock our entertainment foundations to the ground, and then complain why we have no entertainment culture... And Tarkan is proof of what I've been saying, "catch a strong hit - in politics meaning do your job well - and everything else sorts itself out..."

"Tarkan's latest song has hit the bullseye... I loved everything including the rhythm. There are some that found it slow... My sports instructor - who isn't interested in anything outside of the music-sports-girls threesome found the solution straight away. "The piece is great, he has to do a remix straight away, and the summer is his..." he said."

"Tarkan, At Last!"

Writing for celebrity portal Gecce, Dilara Pekel has published her views on Tarkan's latest song, saying that Tarkan is back to form and it was well worth the wait.

"In my book the saying 'If the day we wait for comes, the pain endured is sacred' is at the top of my page... And those days Tarkan has been longing for have come now...

"But Tarkan's luck is always the same... When I first heard the song I screamed "What the hell is this?" and then later I said, "Uh-oh I don't like this"... But listening to it again and again I loved it... The classic Tarkan syndrome y'know...

"We can say the song found in the bin by the person that moved into Aysel Gürel's house is the cause for Tarkan's rise from the ashes... Unable to catch the success he wants since "Kuzu Kuzu", he'll stamp his mark on the summer with "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu", without a doubt! The words are killer; Tarkan's vocals are devastating... And I hear that the sother songs are excellent, too...

"Our very own megastar's comeback has been amazing, and we are just itching for the rest!"

"I'm a Tarkan fan, too!"

Female singer Gülben Ergen has tweeted about Tarkan's latest song to her followers.

After Ergen tweeted that she was listening to "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" and it was interesting that as a listener it was terrible to have expectations raised, and she wished Tarkan well, a follower responded to her tweet to say that Ergen would like the song after a few plays.

"Tarkan's songs might not stay immediately in the mind, but they're not easily worn out either," the follower wrote, forcing Ergen to reply that she is one of "the lovers of Tarkan, too and wanted the album to be great".

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